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No room for 6 Series Sactionals? We have a solution.

Introducing 5 Series. I think we’ve mentioned them before – but now they’re here, in store, ready for you to test and buy and love. As some extra incentive, we’re offering some starter pack deals. Get a Sofa (2base/4sides) as your starter set for $999.94 and get a free U-Drink, custom fit for the 5 series! Go up to the Movie Lounger (4 base, 4 sides) for $1,499.92 and we’ll throw in a free side! Perfect for making a beginner sectional sactional set up (say that three times fast, please). And keep in mind, all 5 Series come with either a Black Velvish Cover or Chocolate Rhino Phur cover, with more choices to be released soon.

Look for the youngster in your life (or just the comfort lover)? Our very own tribute to Bob Barker, Nooder, could still use a home… and just in time for Easter!

Mayfair gets a new puppy… and the LoveSac bus!

So what’s new with us at LoveSac Mayfair? God, so many things. First of all, we’re all avidly awaiting a lot of new stuff to get to us at the Sac; first and foremost, our new puppy! No, we sadly don’t mean a wiggly little furball in the living sense, but what we have coming is almost as good. LoveSac is getting two new stuffed dogs for you to take home! Our two dogs Nooder (an average size) and Spade (Great Dane sized) are both more than they appear; unbutton them and a blanket pulls out instead of stuffing, allowing you to cuddle with your new pet all night long. You can expect to see these little guys taking over the Sacs in store in a few weeks, just in time for Easter.

Our other news of the Sac comes from Tuesday night: if you were lucky enough to be at Mayfair, you might have noticed a large super cool bus parked in the back parking lot. (You know the one I’m talking about if it was beckoning for you to come party like a rockstar and you felt as if all the secrets to a comfortable life were hidden inside.) LoveSac Corporate’s Alex and Brian drove the bus all the way from Pittsburgh, braving run away cars, the Milwaukee County Sheriff Department (aka the AntiFun Police), and mall security in the name of visiting our humble store. One fabulous dinner later and the Mayfair staff has never been more hyped about LoveSac! Just come in and ask us what’s new. And maybe if you’re lucky, we’ll even show you more pictures of the bus. Trust us, it’s pretty awesome.

Any doubt you’ve ever had about the comfort of LoveSac is about to be erased.

Actual picture of an actual customer.

While we at Mayfair are working hard through the after effects of our St. Patty’s Day fun, we thought we’d bring you a fun picture of what we wish we were doing right now. The picture is one of our actual customers who passed out not only on a CitySac, not only with his child playing and singing next to him, but also with the meddling of the LoveSac staff. Yes, folks, when you fall asleep we try to wake you up nicely – normally a LoveSac Ball tossed gently onto your chest – but for this guy, our methods failed. He was that comfortable.

We all here have a day of spring cleaning ahead of us, and then our hearts are all set on following this man’s great example once our shift is done. Jealous? Stop on by and join us! Or better yet, bring a Sac home for yourself so you can have this kind of comfort all the time.

Happy St Patrick’s Day from the LoveSac Mayfair Crew!

It’s that time of year again: Good ol’ March 17th. We here at Mayfair have quite a few lads and lasses with Irish blood pumping through their veins (and a few that pretend on this day once a year) and we find it only fair to extend our joy and celebration unto you, or customers. So for tomorrow only, all of our Moss Microsuede items will be 10% off! That’s right, a perfect opportunity to stock up on one of our most durable covers. It has a soft feel, a neutral green tone, and it washes and wears with the best of ’em. And what’s the best part about all of this, folks? It’s on -any- moss item we have in stock. That’s right: even Sactional covers. That means if you get here and we have them, you can start saving.

And trust us, we think you’re going to need them. Whether you’re simply eating corned beef and cabbage and hanging out on your Sactional or knocking back the green beer and passing out on your PillowSac, you’re going to want something nice covering them when you pass out at the end of the night. And hey, it doesn’t hurt to have something that is great with spills – and maybe even blends with some of the greener ones – for those, er, truly Irish celebrations the day might end with.

Spring is in the air… with music from Speaker Sacs!

Spring has (knock on wood) sprung in Milwaukee. That, of course, is an overstatement for the rest of the country where spring means warmth and green, but in the good ol’ 414 we’ll take slightly sunny and at least 10 above freezing. This means that while everyone else is frolicking outdoors, we have to settle for dragging our Sac to a sunny window and hanging out with a few rays on our face and a space heater on our feet. So what can make it feel more like spring? Some pre-summer music, of course! And the best thing it listen to it on his the awesome Speaker Sac Pillow.

Just like the Navy Twill Cover, the Speaker Sac is a product too-often ignored in our realm of media room furniture and accessories. Sure, it may just look like a pudgy little TubeSac, an average accessory to attach with a magnetic snap to your cover, but it’s really so much more. In either side is a high definition speaker: just pop in some batteries and plug the cord into any headphone jack (iPod, laptop, etc) and you are good to go! And if you must get up and leave your Sac (we know, we know, the most dreaded part of every day) you can always unsnap it and take it with you. The perfect tag along speaker for every occasion. And if you’re in need of some warm weather inspiration music, try this playlist we’ve come up with. We’re quite proud!

1. Almost Crimes//Broken Social Scene

2. Skin, Is My//Andrew Bird

3. Loveshack//The B52’s

4. Follow you down//The Gin Blossoms

5. Sodom, South Georgia//Iron&Wine

An ode to a cover too often ignored…
March 4, 2010, 1:12 pm
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It’s fast becoming spring, and that means my tax return is fast dissolving; rent, groceries, and heating from the long, cold winter have taken all of my expendable cash away, my level of spending money is falling. Yet it’s a LoveSac I want in my living room, one to call my own, and while the Khaki cover is grand, I’m afraid a klutz is the one who plans to own. I need a cover, you see, to wash and change and love, but one within my budget of next to none.

For too long I dreamed of the soft embrace of Taupe Rhino Phur, lulling me to sleep, but every time I try to buy, my wallet lets out a protesting squeak. Oh, what cover can I have now until my funding catches up with my dreams? One that will absorb the brunt of my spills and remain strong at the seams?

Then it hits me like a $5 LoveSac Ball to the head – “Navy Twill,” I say, “can put my worries to bed!”

Then the friendly sales rep assures me, “A cotton based blue, it’s surely suiting for you. We know it’s not phurry, and it’s not the toughest guy around, but you’ll find it’s positive qualities really abound. It keeps it’s cool in the summer, perfect for naps in the sun, and it’s as washable as any, in case you collapse in it after a run. And, now, we don’t know when your birthday is – be it in months or weeks – but you can always have someone else come buy that fluffy cover you seek.”

“Yes, yes!” I declare with a satisfied smile, “Until I get the cover of my dreams, this Navy Twill can really keep me in style! With my clumsy nature afoot, stains will have to find somewhere else to look. My washable Navy Twill cover sure is grand, and all thanks to you LoveSac, you really are the man. And who knows, when my birthday rolls around, I might just have two covers to love, both which fit my Sac like a glove! Twice the fun and so much variety, I love all LoveSac products in all their entirety.”

So I skip into the sunset, my products in hand, soon to be fluffed, covered, and accompanying me to comfort land.