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…is finally ready to be released! All of our cleaning is finished, as you can see from the pictures below, and we’re finally ready to tell you about the great deal that will be starting Tuesday and running through May 31st.

Sales this big require a lot of preparation.

You’ve waited, you’ve wondered, and here it is. The ultimate sale.  Are you ready?

That’s right; our price point will start at $1. As we mentioned before, we’re phasing out a lot of old covers to make way for a whole new line. That means that all of the covers we’re phasing out will be on sale. That’s right – Earth and Moss Microsuede, Red and Black Velvish, and Mushroom and Espresso Plushsuede will all be leaving our store at ridiculously low prices, accompanied by some left over limited editions and odd balls we found from way back when. Here’s how it will work:

All Sac Inserts will be full price, and you must buy a Sac insert to get the sale price on the covers.

Any Premium Level cover (Microsuedes) with purchase of Sac Insert will be $50. Any Luxury Level (Plushsuede, Velvish) cover with purchase of Sac Insert will be $100

Limited edition Camo Covers, Sport Utility Covers, and really ancient covers (like the Brick Twill we have for KidSacs) will be $1 with insert purchase. Old Packages, like the Black Croc for Super and City, will be $50 with purchase of a Sac Insert. If you ask nicely, we can probably do something great with our MovieSac Tat Packages as well!

In the arena of accessories, TubeSacs and SodaSacs will be $5 with purchase of insert, and Squattoman Covers will be $20 with purchase of insert. We have a whole array of FootSacs to be discounted, as well!

So how does that break down for you? It means that you’ll be saving:

  • $50 on a KidSac and Cover
  • $50 on a GamerSac and Cover
  • $80 on a CitySac or PillowSac and Cover
  • $130-150 on a MovieSac and Cover
  • $180-200 on a SuperSac and Cover
  • $250-300 on a BigOne and Cover

And that’s not even including all of the $1 Covers available! Come get ’em quick because all covers are on a While-Supplies-Last basis. We open at 10am on Tuesday so get there quick, and give us a call if you have any questions! (414) 774-5683


The Spring Cleanse Continues… with a discovery!

We here at LoveSac Mayfair are at the very end of our spring cleaning, ensuring that the store is spotless and impeccably organized for our Super Awesome Super Spring Cleaning Clearance Sale. (Details about that will be on the blog tomorrow, and sale starts Tuesday!) As it so often happens with cleaning, we’ve come across a lot of really great things that we had forgotten about. Some bring back great memories, and some are just strange. One that is a perfect mix of both is this guy that we had to sadly send off to bigger and better things:

I know it seems strange now, but let me explain. Awhile back, our fearless leader Shawny D (founder and Chief Sac), had to have an emergency appendectomy in China. The duty of all us loyal Sac’rs stateside was of course to cheer him with funny videos, stories, and images – and boy oh boy did we get inventive with ours.

In the basement of Mayfair Mall (those of you have been in the basement will understand how this is possible) we found a manequin, sad and all alone. We took him upstairs and dressed him in a LoveSac dress shirt and some socks and decided that he rather resembled Tom Cruise from Risky Business. So that became his name, and for a whole night he was our companion in adventure. Sadly, after that (and after a few pranks on unsuspecting employees), Tom was left in his own corner of the back room once again. During our cleaning we uncovered Tom and realized he was once again in a sad, lonely, and broken state. The only just thing we could do was to send him away for awhile to put himself back together. Maybe he’ll make a reappearance soon, but in the meanwhile, we will dry our tears at seeing him leave and wish him the best of luck.

Let the (slightly belated) Spring Cleaning Begin!

LoveSac’s across the land are bounding into Spring Cleaning Mode. Why, you might ask? Well, to get ready for our new cover line, of course! Those of you have been Sac’ing for a while know that it’s pretty rare for us to entirely switch cover lines. Sure, a cover might come and go here and there (normally hopping on over to the hundreds of custom order covers), but completely overhauling is pretty seldom.

We’re all pretty excited to welcome in our new covers, as well as some old favorites that will be stickin’ around. At the standard level, we have Navy Twill. Coming in for Premiums will be Tan and Black Herringsuedes (which should arrive soon – we’re all pumped to see it!). As far as Luxury is concerned, we have the dreamily soft Rhino Phurs in Taupe, Chocolate, and Seawater (Rhino Phurs have already gotten a lot of attention on our blog). Of course, we can’t forget Magnum’s; most will be pleased to know that Eskimo Phur will be hanging around, joined by the once Limited Edition Mink Phur. What can we say? It was just too awesome to discontinue!

Our initial display of new awesomeness!

While that does mean a fond farewell be given to Earth and Moss Microsuede, Red and Black Velvish, and Mushroom and Espresso Plushsuede, we think you’ll all be happy. Especially because the demise of those covers means something really great for all of you deal hunters out there. Those of you searching for a sale, stay tuned later this week when we make an important announcement about what is to come…

LoveSac’s are Diamonds – they’re forever!

Picture this: it’s a dark and stormy night. You, luckily, are tucked away safely inside, enjoying the little comforts of home. One of those little comforts being not so little – namely, your prized possession, your beloved SuperSac. You go to take a running leap on your precious Sacy and you are met with a loud RRRRIIIPPPP. Oh no! It looks like a seam has busted. Initially you are gripped with fear, a sheer terror driven by confusion of what could have happened to your favorite piece of media room furniture, and what you are going to do now.

Well, have no fear. LoveSacs, you see, are virtually forever. The Sacs themselves are guaranteed for two whole lifetimes – that means they will never go flat, bust a seam, split a zipper, anything that could send your comfortable life spinning into the depths of horror. We’ll replace them for you twice – two Sac lifetimes – and trust us, it’s pretty difficult to even need to get it replaced once. Scenarios like the one above are pretty once-in-a-blue-moon-esque. As far as your covers go, those are guaranteed for the same kinds of things (seam rips, zipper splits) for 90 days initially. So make sure you register online to extend the warranty to 3 years, free of charge! (Keep in mind that these are all manufacturer defects, aka our fault, so be careful of real horror movie scenarios in which knives might be involved that could kill your Sac forever.)

What’s that, you say? Your problem is with Sactionals, not Sacs? Well they, too, come with a stellar guarantee. All hard pieces (that’s the frame, box spring, shoes, side frame, feet, and clamps) are guaranteed for life. Have on snap on you? We can cover that. Did your box spring break? We got your back! Same as the Sacs, the hard bits come complete with two lifetimes of coverage. As for the covers and soft pieces, they’ll also be 3 years once you register online. But half no fear: everything in our Sactionals are overbuilt. There’s an anti-sag core in the middle of our Sactional cushions, and all back pillows are made with three chambers so they’ll never go flat.

Pretty awesome, huh?