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Ready to deck out your media room furniture?

Lame furniture is easily overcome by the elements. Let your LoveSac embrace you against the cold!

We at LoveSac Mayfair are entirely ready to get our individual media rooms set up with some great media room furniture and just relax. February is finally in full swing in Milwaukee (that means cold, cold, cold, and sometimes some snow) and the Technological Curse placed on us by the devious and maniacal doppelganger of Bill Gates has rendered us computer-less for a week. But now we’re back in business, and business for us means specializing in relaxation. Luckily, we don’t have to go far for media room furniture – we just have to turn around! After all, we are a furniture store.

LoveSac is full to bursting with great products to deck out your space – the Sactionals (our outstanding version of sectionals) can be positioned any which way, making them totally custom furniture ideal for movie theatres, not to mention rearranging when you have guests – be them expected or not – who need a place to sleep in total comfort. And while you’re sleeping, cover up with a fabulous King Blanket; you’ll have so much blanket, you won’t know what to do with it. That thing goes over the edge of King sized beds! That’s definitely more than enough for your 6-Base, 8 side, Sactional Set up, or your Eskimo Phur Big One.  Your media room furniture has never been so comfortable.

And if you’re a LoveSac Connoisseur looking for something new, check out the new 5 Series Sactionals displayed in our store and coming soon to a Best Buy near you. They’re a little bit smaller than our more luxurious 6 Series, but they come complete with Black velvet covers and their smaller size makes it ideal for first apartments. Because let’s be honest, people; even your first apartment should be a comfy apartment, complete with a media room (or maybe media corner, for you struggling college kids?) with media room furniture.


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Yea I need comfy furniture for my new spot and I think a sac and some sactionals are the way to go!

Comment by Channing Tatum

[…] 5 Series. I think we’ve mentioned them before – but now they’re here, in store, ready for you to test and buy and love. As some extra […]

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