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The Spring Line is now HERE!

After a tiresome day of resetting our floor, I’m proud to announce that the LoveSac Spring Line is now live on our floor! We’re happily showcasing Manhattan Velvet, Camel Tweed, Champagne Velvet, and Purpletini Velvet – and to celebrate, we’ve made them available in special Limited Edition Sac Packages (For Super, Super, Pillow, and MovieSacs, respectively.) We’ve also released Camel Tweed and Champagne Velvet for 6 Series Sactionals, along with a very gorgeous first-time-ever TuftedTweed version of Camel for 5 Series (it’s cute as a button!). Collectively, we consider this to be one of the most beautiful lines we’ve ever released; and all in the name of Vintage Style. Click the link below to see pictures of the new Packages and great Accessories!

P.S. Please pay special attention to Francis, the DIY Deer Head that will be available in the packages! We’re about the enter a very fierce decorating competition with the other stores that make up Sac Nation – if you have any ideas on how to make Francis amazing, please pass them along! Without further ado:


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Merry Christmas to All, and to All a SuperSac!

Merry Christmas, everyone! We at LoveSac are, as we usually are during Holidays, resting before another big day at the mall – this time, the day after Christmas, the second biggest shopping day of the year. For those of you who are kicking yourselves for missing the Black Friday sale, well, this won’t be quite the same – but it will be your last chance of the year to give yourself some comfort.

Our deals will consist of:

$50 off the last of the ManorSuede Super or City Packages (which brings them pretty darn close to Black Friday prices!)

$50 off ANY INSTOCK SAC COVER with purchase of Sac Insert

$50 off The Bomb Pillow (haven’t heard of The Bomb? Stop in and check it out!)

$50 off any of our Blankets – that means the Love Throw or The King Blanket. Sweet!

And what about those of you sitting with your fingers crossed for Sactionals? Well, if you’re looking at 5 Series, think about our Manor Suede – on December 26th, when you buy 4 bases and 4 sides, you’ll get another side free. This will give you a perfect 4 base/5 side set up, which gives you more versatility than you can imagine. Don’t believe us? Find one of our friendly PDSE’s and ask them to show you the blocks – after all, seeing is believing.

Until tomorrow, have a very merry (and very comfortable) Christmas!

Mayfair gets a new puppy… and the LoveSac bus!

So what’s new with us at LoveSac Mayfair? God, so many things. First of all, we’re all avidly awaiting a lot of new stuff to get to us at the Sac; first and foremost, our new puppy! No, we sadly don’t mean a wiggly little furball in the living sense, but what we have coming is almost as good. LoveSac is getting two new stuffed dogs for you to take home! Our two dogs Nooder (an average size) and Spade (Great Dane sized) are both more than they appear; unbutton them and a blanket pulls out instead of stuffing, allowing you to cuddle with your new pet all night long. You can expect to see these little guys taking over the Sacs in store in a few weeks, just in time for Easter.

Our other news of the Sac comes from Tuesday night: if you were lucky enough to be at Mayfair, you might have noticed a large super cool bus parked in the back parking lot. (You know the one I’m talking about if it was beckoning for you to come party like a rockstar and you felt as if all the secrets to a comfortable life were hidden inside.) LoveSac Corporate’s Alex and Brian drove the bus all the way from Pittsburgh, braving run away cars, the Milwaukee County Sheriff Department (aka the AntiFun Police), and mall security in the name of visiting our humble store. One fabulous dinner later and the Mayfair staff has never been more hyped about LoveSac! Just come in and ask us what’s new. And maybe if you’re lucky, we’ll even show you more pictures of the bus. Trust us, it’s pretty awesome.