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Ahh, Spring… A time of renewal.

Springtime in LoveSac. Out with the old, in with the new.

As part of our Easter promotion, LS rolled out two new Limited Edition covers – Brown Bunny Phur, and Hot Pink Bunny Phur.  It’s like they can hear my thoughts: take the plushy, comfy, all-enveloping snuggly of Phur and put it in awesome colors. Pardon the crappy BlackBerry pictures…


While we all love the Classic Cream of Eskimo Phur, there is something to be said for the combo of Chocolate and Pink – about 75% of the weddings we LoveSac Mayfair Sac’rs attend are in those colors.  Bunnies, candy, weddings – Spring has sprung!

With all of this renewal and love for sweet new covers, let’s not forget our old favorites. We hereby introduce you to :



5.  Leopard Phur Covers

Leopard Phur

You can tell we dig Phur here, huh? In all seriousness, Leopard Phur was the ultimate. Only to be tamed by the most courageous Sac’r, LP as we affectionately call it – had it goin’ on. Super plush with attitude to spare, we mourn the loss of this former stock fabric here at Mayfair. RIP LP.

4. The ‘I Want Your Body Pillow’ Pillow


Imagine sleeping on a cloud. Now imagine that said cloud was made of a special substance that kept you cool while you slept. Now slap a Pink, Tan, or White Microsuede washable cover on the cloud, and you have the ‘I Want Your Body Pillow’ Pillow. The perfect cuddle partner, IWYBPP never hogged the covers or snored. It never sat bolt upright in bed complaining of night terrors. It just supported you, comforted you, and helped you sleep. We miss your embrace IWYBPP….

3.WaterShip Down SuperSac Cover

Watership Down

Speaking of Bunnies AND Phur, Watership Down was both! (Relax PETA, it was faux – like all of our Phur. We love and respect animals here at LoveSac) With it’s novel namesake being a fave here at Mayfair, it was bound to make the list. The picture just cannot do this cover justice. Much thicker than standard Phur, this was a Monster Phur limited edition from Holiday ’05. More tame than Leopard, but still as heavenly soft. Monster Phur – from shaved Monsters.

2. Moon Zebra Covers – UPDATE! PIC FOUND!! FEAT. JESSIE JAMES! (?)


Moon Zebra is SO rare, we couldn’t even find a picture of it for this post. It continues to evade our capture, ruling the night with it’s fabulous-ness. A Zebra pattern featuring a black velvet background, with shimmering white Phur making up it’s stripes, Moon Zebra was a special breed. Best suited for Bachelor(ette) pads and poppin’ bottles at the club, it’s just too cool to be photographed. You’re gonna have to take our word for it.

And without further ado…

1. Phur Feet!

Phur Feet

Call ’em what you want – Phur Feet, Slippers, Houseshoes, SuperFantastic, we don’t care. Phur Feet are the 5th greatest invention of all time – after Sugar Free Red Bull, Sacs, Sactionals, and LoveSac Mayfair. Made with a memory foam footbed, rubber soles, and SUPER SWEET TAILS on the LP version, Phur Feet still snuggle our toasty warm tootsies here in the wicked WI winters. We will be staging a sit-in to bring back the Phur Feet. Maybe a lie-in. We are the leaders in leisure after all…

I highly encourage everyone to come in and check out the Easter Bunny Phur – before it’s GONE FOR GOOD!