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Spring Line Package Prices

In the crazy haze of excitement surrounding our gorgeous Spring Sac & Sactional Cover Line, we realize that we forgot to include prices for some of the best packages we’ve ever had. (We hope you’ll forgive us.) Without further ado, we give you the pricing for the Sacs of your dreams*:

Champagne Velvet PillowSac Package – $499.99

Purpletini MovieSac Package – $599.99

Manhattan SuperSac Package – $649.99

Camel Tweed SuperSac Package – $64.9.99

As always, 5 Series Sactionals in any cover – including the brand new and beautiful Tufted Tweed – price out at $250 a base and $125 a side (covers included, of course).

*To see pictures of your dreams brought to life (aka the Sac Packages and everything they include), check out or other posts. Or better yet, stop in and look at them in store – they’re pretty and comfortable, to boot.

#Winning in Spring

And now, an interruption from your regularly scheduled programming for a special announcement: one of our rockstar PDSE’s (that’s Personal Demo & Sales Experts, to you) has proven herself to be not just a rockstar, but #winning, as well. That’s right – she’s made it through to Round 3 of Charlie Sheen’s internship competition. We’re all very proud of her and wish her the best of luck! For all of you who want to watch her talking (very quickly) about social media, check out the video below!:

And now, we’d like to return you to your regularly scheduled programming and the pure beauty that is TuftedTweed 5 Series Sactionals in the Spring Line:

P.S. For those still in search of floor model Sactionals – we have one set up left: 2 bases, 4 sides (basic loveseat setup) in Courtney Cachet Quilted Grey Chenille. Get it while it lasts!

The Spring Line is now HERE!

After a tiresome day of resetting our floor, I’m proud to announce that the LoveSac Spring Line is now live on our floor! We’re happily showcasing Manhattan Velvet, Camel Tweed, Champagne Velvet, and Purpletini Velvet – and to celebrate, we’ve made them available in special Limited Edition Sac Packages (For Super, Super, Pillow, and MovieSacs, respectively.) We’ve also released Camel Tweed and Champagne Velvet for 6 Series Sactionals, along with a very gorgeous first-time-ever TuftedTweed version of Camel for 5 Series (it’s cute as a button!). Collectively, we consider this to be one of the most beautiful lines we’ve ever released; and all in the name of Vintage Style. Click the link below to see pictures of the new Packages and great Accessories!

P.S. Please pay special attention to Francis, the DIY Deer Head that will be available in the packages! We’re about the enter a very fierce decorating competition with the other stores that make up Sac Nation – if you have any ideas on how to make Francis amazing, please pass them along! Without further ado:


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St. Patrick’s Day Sale!

Is your Irish blood tingling? It should be – even if you don’t necessarily have Irish blood, March 17th, St Patrick’s Day, is the one time of the year where everyone is Irish. Here at LoveSac, we want to do a little something to celebrate that.

St. Patrick’s Day through the Weekend we will be offering 25% off on everything green – green EcoSacs, Artichoke Throw Blankets and Love Throws, Custom Green Covers for Sactionals (with purchase of inserts), and even the Sacs themselves (with purchase of cover). The foam in our Sacs is often shredded down from foam pieces that couldn’t be used in any other furniture – meaning that it keeps foam out of landfills, making it theoretically “green.”

Keep in mind this weekend and we’ll also be running our Sactional Floor Model sale. It’s your chance to get 30% and up on select Sactional Floor Model set ups – quite the deal! And for those of you who have been oogling the furry greatness of the Sheepskin cover, make sure you stop in quick; the Floor Model will be going for 50% off!

Sactional Floor Model Blow Out!

It’s that time of year again – the last lingering greyish brown snow is slowly melting from the ground, the birds are chirping, we just set back our clocks – ladies and gentlemen, spring is almost here.

For LoveSac, that means our brand new Spring Line. (Brand new Champagne Velvet?! Camel Tweed?! Limited Edition Sac Packages?! The true signs of spring are better than any tulip.)

Most importantly, though, it means that we will be selling off Sactional Floor Models to make way for the new setups and new covers. Curious? Give the store a call – 414.774.5683 – and we’ll let you know what’s on sale and for how much.

And a reminder to you germaphobes, Sactional covers are machine washable; a few quick spin cycles and your set up will be just like new. (Although maybe not as crisply folded.)