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The Last Day Before the Big Day

This is it: the last day that we as a store are open before the Best LoveSac Sale of the Year (AKA, Black Friday). I know, I know, it’s awful that we abandon you in your furniture-planning hour of need, but as one of the only days off granted to us in retail – and one laden with food, family, and friends at that – we don’t feel too guilty. What does our day off mean for you?

Make sure you know what you want and are comfortable with all sale details NOW. Not sure what we’re talking about? Scroll down a few posts and check out the Black Friday Sale Details. Still have questions? Give us a call at 414.774.5683, shoot us an e-mail at, or leave us a comment on this blog. After 9pm tonight, we will not be in the store to answer our phone, but we will do our best to check the blog comments and the e-mail (although blog comments are your best bet). Still concerned? Get in line early on Friday – our staffers will be making periodic announcements and line checks to see if anyone is in dire need of having a question answered.

Make sure you have a back up plan. If something is out of stock, we do not (except for very, very rare occasions) promise to have it back in stock before Christmas. In the case of package deals – like the Cow Phur for Super and City Sacs – once they’re gone, they are 100% sold out and we will not have the option to order you more. If you have your heart set on one of those, come EARLY or have a plan for a different Sac/Cover combo that you won’t mind taking home instead.

Make sure your alarms are set. The best part of the deal takes place between 5am – 5:59am. Have an alarm set and get here early – lines start forming at the door of our store around 4am. Coming in from out of town? Check the Mayfair Mall website for directions. Once you’re in the mall, we’re upstairs towards Macy’s, directly across from the Movie Theater. Not an early riser? You can still snag a small deal later in the day, too! (But trust us – if you get up early, your suffering will not be in vain.)

See you then!


The Adventures of Tom

Does anyone remember Tom, our mannequin friend that we rediscovered during spring cleaning? Well, as we said then, we had set him free to have his own adventures in the world for awhile. However, a few weeks later we found him wandering the Mayfair basement with a sad note scrawled across his chest:


We couldn’t resist his sad, puppy dog-esque charm, so we took him in and gave him an awesome bachelor pad in our store room where he can recuperate. He’s laying on an I Want Your Body Pillow, propped up by a Sactional Back Pillow, and fiercely guarded by Nooder. Truth be told, we’re a little jealous of his situation, but we’ve decided to let him rest as long as he needs before he sets out on his next adventure.

We’re not sure where he’ll go next – if you have any ideas for Tom’s next great adventure, let us know! And make sure you stop by the store to stock up on all the Other Comfy Stuff that will make your rest and relaxation time as great as Tom’s.

California Dreamin’… of the new LoveSac Location!

Finally, Milwaukee can be California Dreamin’ for a reason other than weather envy; today marks the opening of a LoveSac store in the Bay Area. Santa Clara at Valley Fair mall, to be more precise. For those of you who might remember our store opening about five years ago, you can remember that store openings are always, without fail, a good time. There are bumpin’ tunes, tons of people, and our founder and Chief Sac, Shawny D. Not to mention, of course, the huge deals going on throughout the day. At Valley Fair, it’s going to be a 75% count down sale! (First person gets 75% off, the next 74%, until we’re all the way up to 1%. Hey, a deal is still a deal.)

While we’ll be playing with our new Nooder puppies and holding down the fort at Mayfair, any of you reading from a well deserved with vacation or with friends and family in the Bay Area should get over to Valley Fair and check it out. We promise nothing less than a good time!

Mayfair gets a new puppy… and the LoveSac bus!

So what’s new with us at LoveSac Mayfair? God, so many things. First of all, we’re all avidly awaiting a lot of new stuff to get to us at the Sac; first and foremost, our new puppy! No, we sadly don’t mean a wiggly little furball in the living sense, but what we have coming is almost as good. LoveSac is getting two new stuffed dogs for you to take home! Our two dogs Nooder (an average size) and Spade (Great Dane sized) are both more than they appear; unbutton them and a blanket pulls out instead of stuffing, allowing you to cuddle with your new pet all night long. You can expect to see these little guys taking over the Sacs in store in a few weeks, just in time for Easter.

Our other news of the Sac comes from Tuesday night: if you were lucky enough to be at Mayfair, you might have noticed a large super cool bus parked in the back parking lot. (You know the one I’m talking about if it was beckoning for you to come party like a rockstar and you felt as if all the secrets to a comfortable life were hidden inside.) LoveSac Corporate’s Alex and Brian drove the bus all the way from Pittsburgh, braving run away cars, the Milwaukee County Sheriff Department (aka the AntiFun Police), and mall security in the name of visiting our humble store. One fabulous dinner later and the Mayfair staff has never been more hyped about LoveSac! Just come in and ask us what’s new. And maybe if you’re lucky, we’ll even show you more pictures of the bus. Trust us, it’s pretty awesome.