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Spring Line Package Prices

In the crazy haze of excitement surrounding our gorgeous Spring Sac & Sactional Cover Line, we realize that we forgot to include prices for some of the best packages we’ve ever had. (We hope you’ll forgive us.) Without further ado, we give you the pricing for the Sacs of your dreams*:

Champagne Velvet PillowSac Package – $499.99

Purpletini MovieSac Package – $599.99

Manhattan SuperSac Package – $649.99

Camel Tweed SuperSac Package – $64.9.99

As always, 5 Series Sactionals in any cover – including the brand new and beautiful Tufted Tweed – price out at $250 a base and $125 a side (covers included, of course).

*To see pictures of your dreams brought to life (aka the Sac Packages and everything they include), check out or other posts. Or better yet, stop in and look at them in store – they’re pretty and comfortable, to boot.

The Super Bowl is almost here: Do you know where YOU’LL be sitting?

Well, with the help of some new promotions, we think we have an idea. From now until January 17th, in addition to our Sactional Promotion, we will be offering up some great covers for the MovieSac for only $50 with purchase of insert! You’re probably familiar with our cover contenders – the sleek and patterned Brown ManorSuede and the light and textured Heathered Tweed.

Need something bigger than the MovieSac to hold all of your fandom? Come and get a full Sactional demo any time between now and February 6th and we’ll give you $100 off of a full priced pre-made SuperSac Cover with purchase of full priced insert. Covers, as everyone knows, are integral to the general wash ability of your Sac, especially during wild events like the Super Bowl. (Let’s face it, no one wants dip spilled on their Sac.)

Stop on by – we want you to be as comfortable as possible as you cheer on your favorite team!

Get ready for the New Year with a New Look for your Room…

Welcome to 2011, everyone! It’s a New Year, and that means time for New Years Resolutions – some are pretty personal, like eating better, managing your temper, taking more advantage of your time. Others are resolutions that we can help you to achieve: like making your Space more functional and more amazing. Our Sactionals, which are sold in the two modular pieces of bases and sides, are the most versatile furniture you will find – ever.


To celebrate that, we’re rolling out two promotions featuring some of our most popular covers which will run through February 7th. A lot of our most popular Sactional set ups are ones that people end up adding on to eventually – set ups that just one more piece would make even more amazing. Because of that, we’ve created the following bundles to make your set up amazing from the get go*:

-Purchase a Movie Lounger set up (4 bases and 4 sides) in Red Herringsuede, Black Herringsuede, Mink Phur, or any of our custom covers along with Two Throw Pillows and receive a free naked side and $100 credit for additional products of your choice.

-Or for a bigger set up, purchase 6 bases and 8 sides along with 3 Throw Pillows in any of the aforementioned covers and receive a free naked base and $300 credit for additional products of your choice!

Pretty swanky, huh? Just make sure you remember that the credit must be used same day, so make sure you have some great OCS stuff (or extra covers, or extra pieces, or a Sac) all picked out in advance! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a ring at 414.774.5683. Get ready for the most comfortable year of your life!

Give us your tired, your weary, your feedback yearning to be read…

Hey there Sac Fans, as we all know 2010 is rapidly coming to an end. In our constant efforts to make you, the customers’, lives more comfortable, we want your feedback. Specifically on this blog, but if you have any questions, comments, philosophies, or theories on our store, the product, whatever, feel free to leave those using the handy dandy feedback form under the cut!

We’re massively appreciative of any and all feedback we receive. Our true goal is just go make you all happy – help us make it happen!

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Same old Sacs, New Searches, New Questions


So we’ve mentioned this before, but it’s definitely worth reiterating. Because WordPress as a blog host is so awesome, they give us the (slightly creepy) feature of being able to see what you all searched or clicked on to get to our blog.

This is pretty awesome, and most of the searches are pretty typical: “What time is mayfair open?,” “CitySac,” “LoveSac Spade” (we hope this means our love puppy and not the tool!), etc, etc. When we see searches like that, we can rest assured that your found your answer in our blog and are now happy and satisfied. However, some of your searches are a little bit harder to answer and you may not have found what you need in our little blog.

For example, the search for “CitySac in Sheepskin” – sorry folks, the super amazing Sheepskin Cover is only for the SuperSac. “Find a zebra lovesac cover” is also probably not covered in this blog – although it’s something easily found in our custom order books! “Movie Sac prices” you probably found online somewhere, but keep in mind, our prices are different than the website. “LoveSac set up help” is somewhat addressed here, but our posts only go so far. If you have a question like that – or any of the other mostly unanswered ones – feel free to give us a call at 414.774.5683. Even if you’re a LoveSac customer from States away, we’re happy to help you out with whatever you need. Not a phone person? Leave a comment on any of our blogs, message us on our Facebook, or e-mail us at We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible, and trust us, when it comes to LoveSac, we’re a much more engaging and knowledgeable source than the world wide web.

And just as a p.s. – whoever searched “list of mayfair babes” – we’re not sure if or how we could help you with that, but we’re flattered that the search led you here. Good luck!

An ode to a cover too often ignored…
March 4, 2010, 1:12 pm
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It’s fast becoming spring, and that means my tax return is fast dissolving; rent, groceries, and heating from the long, cold winter have taken all of my expendable cash away, my level of spending money is falling. Yet it’s a LoveSac I want in my living room, one to call my own, and while the Khaki cover is grand, I’m afraid a klutz is the one who plans to own. I need a cover, you see, to wash and change and love, but one within my budget of next to none.

For too long I dreamed of the soft embrace of Taupe Rhino Phur, lulling me to sleep, but every time I try to buy, my wallet lets out a protesting squeak. Oh, what cover can I have now until my funding catches up with my dreams? One that will absorb the brunt of my spills and remain strong at the seams?

Then it hits me like a $5 LoveSac Ball to the head – “Navy Twill,” I say, “can put my worries to bed!”

Then the friendly sales rep assures me, “A cotton based blue, it’s surely suiting for you. We know it’s not phurry, and it’s not the toughest guy around, but you’ll find it’s positive qualities really abound. It keeps it’s cool in the summer, perfect for naps in the sun, and it’s as washable as any, in case you collapse in it after a run. And, now, we don’t know when your birthday is – be it in months or weeks – but you can always have someone else come buy that fluffy cover you seek.”

“Yes, yes!” I declare with a satisfied smile, “Until I get the cover of my dreams, this Navy Twill can really keep me in style! With my clumsy nature afoot, stains will have to find somewhere else to look. My washable Navy Twill cover sure is grand, and all thanks to you LoveSac, you really are the man. And who knows, when my birthday rolls around, I might just have two covers to love, both which fit my Sac like a glove! Twice the fun and so much variety, I love all LoveSac products in all their entirety.”

So I skip into the sunset, my products in hand, soon to be fluffed, covered, and accompanying me to comfort land.

Ready to deck out your media room furniture?

Lame furniture is easily overcome by the elements. Let your LoveSac embrace you against the cold!

We at LoveSac Mayfair are entirely ready to get our individual media rooms set up with some great media room furniture and just relax. February is finally in full swing in Milwaukee (that means cold, cold, cold, and sometimes some snow) and the Technological Curse placed on us by the devious and maniacal doppelganger of Bill Gates has rendered us computer-less for a week. But now we’re back in business, and business for us means specializing in relaxation. Luckily, we don’t have to go far for media room furniture – we just have to turn around! After all, we are a furniture store.

LoveSac is full to bursting with great products to deck out your space – the Sactionals (our outstanding version of sectionals) can be positioned any which way, making them totally custom furniture ideal for movie theatres, not to mention rearranging when you have guests – be them expected or not – who need a place to sleep in total comfort. And while you’re sleeping, cover up with a fabulous King Blanket; you’ll have so much blanket, you won’t know what to do with it. That thing goes over the edge of King sized beds! That’s definitely more than enough for your 6-Base, 8 side, Sactional Set up, or your Eskimo Phur Big One.  Your media room furniture has never been so comfortable.

And if you’re a LoveSac Connoisseur looking for something new, check out the new 5 Series Sactionals displayed in our store and coming soon to a Best Buy near you. They’re a little bit smaller than our more luxurious 6 Series, but they come complete with Black velvet covers and their smaller size makes it ideal for first apartments. Because let’s be honest, people; even your first apartment should be a comfy apartment, complete with a media room (or maybe media corner, for you struggling college kids?) with media room furniture.