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Spring is in the air… with music from Speaker Sacs!

Spring has (knock on wood) sprung in Milwaukee. That, of course, is an overstatement for the rest of the country where spring means warmth and green, but in the good ol’ 414 we’ll take slightly sunny and at least 10 above freezing. This means that while everyone else is frolicking outdoors, we have to settle for dragging our Sac to a sunny window and hanging out with a few rays on our face and a space heater on our feet. So what can make it feel more like spring? Some pre-summer music, of course! And the best thing it listen to it on his the awesome Speaker Sac Pillow.

Just like the Navy Twill Cover, the Speaker Sac is a product too-often ignored in our realm of media room furniture and accessories. Sure, it may just look like a pudgy little TubeSac, an average accessory to attach with a magnetic snap to your cover, but it’s really so much more. In either side is a high definition speaker: just pop in some batteries and plug the cord into any headphone jack (iPod, laptop, etc) and you are good to go! And if you must get up and leave your Sac (we know, we know, the most dreaded part of every day) you can always unsnap it and take it with you. The perfect tag along speaker for every occasion. And if you’re in need of some warm weather inspiration music, try this playlist we’ve come up with. We’re quite proud!

1. Almost Crimes//Broken Social Scene

2. Skin, Is My//Andrew Bird

3. Loveshack//The B52’s

4. Follow you down//The Gin Blossoms

5. Sodom, South Georgia//Iron&Wine


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I admire your attention to the smaller, less noticed saccessories. I’m going to go hug a SpeakerSac now.

Comment by Alyx

I can rock out on my sac!

Comment by robert pattinson

[…] entertainer. This means having a great music selection with a little something for everyone- check out our summer playlist for ideas – and always having something to offer. This can be drinks, food, boardgames, or a cleverly […]

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