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An ode to a cover too often ignored…
March 4, 2010, 1:12 pm
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It’s fast becoming spring, and that means my tax return is fast dissolving; rent, groceries, and heating from the long, cold winter have taken all of my expendable cash away, my level of spending money is falling. Yet it’s a LoveSac I want in my living room, one to call my own, and while the Khaki cover is grand, I’m afraid a klutz is the one who plans to own. I need a cover, you see, to wash and change and love, but one within my budget of next to none.

For too long I dreamed of the soft embrace of Taupe Rhino Phur, lulling me to sleep, but every time I try to buy, my wallet lets out a protesting squeak. Oh, what cover can I have now until my funding catches up with my dreams? One that will absorb the brunt of my spills and remain strong at the seams?

Then it hits me like a $5 LoveSac Ball to the head – “Navy Twill,” I say, “can put my worries to bed!”

Then the friendly sales rep assures me, “A cotton based blue, it’s surely suiting for you. We know it’s not phurry, and it’s not the toughest guy around, but you’ll find it’s positive qualities really abound. It keeps it’s cool in the summer, perfect for naps in the sun, and it’s as washable as any, in case you collapse in it after a run. And, now, we don’t know when your birthday is – be it in months or weeks – but you can always have someone else come buy that fluffy cover you seek.”

“Yes, yes!” I declare with a satisfied smile, “Until I get the cover of my dreams, this Navy Twill can really keep me in style! With my clumsy nature afoot, stains will have to find somewhere else to look. My washable Navy Twill cover sure is grand, and all thanks to you LoveSac, you really are the man. And who knows, when my birthday rolls around, I might just have two covers to love, both which fit my Sac like a glove! Twice the fun and so much variety, I love all LoveSac products in all their entirety.”

So I skip into the sunset, my products in hand, soon to be fluffed, covered, and accompanying me to comfort land.


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Navy twill sounds like a great cover to start with on any LoveSac product.

Comment by Hugh Hefner

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