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It’s time to hibernate! LoveSac can help.
December 3, 2009, 5:42 pm
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In the cold expanses of Wisconsin, it’s finally starting to snow. Today we’re expected to get anywhere from 1-6 inches, depending on where we’re located. Us at LoveSac find ourselves asking: why bother with snow? Sure, it’s fun for maybe the first five minutes of frolicing, but then you have to realize that eventually you will have to drive in it. Or shovel it. Or wait for a bus in it. We’re thinking, especially with the release of all of the LoveSac Other Comfy Stuff, why not just hibernate? If you find yourselves in a situation like the one to the right, you should consider just staying in bed.

The best reason to stay in bed is probably because you have one of the brand new King Blankets on it. It’s just $299 for a King-size blanket that covers the biggest of beds with extra room on every side. The best part? They come in our new Silver Mink and Black Crock, the perfect addition to any bedroom. While you’re in bed, feel free to cuddle up with a Body Pillow for $119 with a washable, microsuede cover. The Body Pillows are a must have seeing as how they have a dreamfiber core inside all of that down fill. Dreamfiber is unique in that it actually helps circulate the body heat you’re putting off onto the pillow. That means fewer trips out of bed to adjust the thermostat!

If you must venture out of bed, do so in our new Phur Feet, again in the Black Crock and Silver Mink. And look at the cute little Silver Mink tail!!!! After you’ve shuffled around the house, maybe made some warming soup and tea, crash out on the couch amidst one of the new Love Throws. A complete day with no snow required as at your toasty warm fingertips.