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LoveSac IS Living Room Furniture
January 27, 2010, 1:36 pm
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Who likes legos? LoveSac does… with a small amount of bases and sides you can build just about anything when it comes to Sactionals. The largest Sactional in the LoveSac catalog comes with 7 Bases which allows you to build just about any combination that your clever mind can think of.  Check out this video that shows 69 ways you can build a Sactional and really change the way yourliving room furniture looks! 

The Sactional is a sectional sofa that also has the amazing added benefit of removable machine washable covers.  That incredible feature ensures that you are never stuck with a dirty sofa.  Yes even the arm of the sofa can be washed, and we all know how dirty those can get! Just remove the covers, pop them into your washing machine and walla! You get a set of covers that are fresh and clean again, and a sofa that you are proud to show off.  What more could you ask for from a living room furniture set!  

So throw your old living room furniture away, especially that old ratty couch, and modernize your home furniture.  When you finish building your dream living room sit back, grab an ottoman kick your feet up and relax… the LoveSac way.   

Check out the full line of LoveSac Sactionals


Valentines Day Rocks Here at Lovesac!!
January 16, 2010, 12:06 pm
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We have a new Silver Mink package, and trust me everyone it rocks!!  Now through Valentines day the day of love and romance, we are giving you our fabulous PillowSac and Rocker with our amazing Silver Mink Cover all for $399.  So come on in and fall in love with this truly amazing product!  We promise you will be swept off your feet.

How Do You Lovesac?
January 7, 2010, 4:37 pm
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I know you have all been dying to show us how you use your favorite LoveSac product well here’s your chance!!  We are hosting our first annual “That’s How You Use Your Sac” contest.

Get a pen and paper and jot down the rules….

ROUND ONE: Take a picture of  any LoveSac product.  The picture can be taken in your home, your car, your office, or wherever your imagination takes you!
Keep in mind:
1.) One picture per customer
2.) One vote per IP address
3.) If you are looking to win, the picture needs to be amazing, fantastic, and phenomenal in every way!
4.) Submit all photos to by January 20, 2010

BONUS: You will get 15% off of your next purchase just for entering! (Includes full-price merchandise only, sale items excluded. See store for more details.)

Additionally, if you win round one, you will receive a FREE and FABULOUS body pillow! It will be the single addition to your bedroom you’ve ever had!

ROUND TWO: Will begin on February 10, 2010 and includes all first place winners from round one across the nation. You will be competing for our ultimate prize…drum roll…


Can you believe it? This is HUGE! The biggest prize we have ever given away. You will not be disappointed with your new ball of heaven, that we affectionately refer to as our MovieSac.

So make sure your photos are submitted by the deadline! Make sure they are fun, unique, creative, and totally representative of YOU!

Start sending, and we can’t wait to view your photographs!