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Have you heard about 5 Series?

So, the unthinkable has happened. You walked into your favorite Mayfair Mall Retail Store (LoveSac, derr) with the mild-mannered intention of gently prodding one of the huge, squishy chairs that you can see from the door. (For the unversed, we call those ‘SuperSacs.’) But mid poke, you look over and see the most awesome couch you’ve ever seen. Upon further inquiry, you’re told that it’s called a ‘Sactional.’ It’s sold in separate pieces, Bases and Sides, and works like glorified adult Legos – they even have removable, washable, changeable covers.

But just as you start to fall in love with these amazing, totally functional, modular couches, you realize: even buying piece by piece, they’re just to big for your space. That’s where 5 Series comes in.

5 Series looks and works just like the typical Sactionals – called 6 Series – with two major exceptions. 5 Series are about 20% smaller all the way around (Bases measure 31″Wx26″Dx17″H while Sides measure 31″Wx5″Dx28″H) and they are also sold with covers right away. 5 Series don’t have the same selection of covers as 6 Series, but at any given time we have about three to choose from: Chocolate Velvish, which we have year round, and two rotating seasonal covers. Right now, those two are Black Leather and Bidness Grey Tweed.

Bases for Bidness Tweed and Chocolate are $300, while Sides for those covers are $150. In the Leather, 5 Series Bases are $350 while Sides are $175. Fear not: covers can still be removed, washed (in cases other than the leather), and changed to other styles, which can still be ordered from our custom books.

Thinking of filling a small space? Think no further than 5 Series!

**Thinking of Black Friday? Stay tuned to this space for updates on our amazing, once a year, best-you’ll-ever-see sale.


No room for 6 Series Sactionals? We have a solution.

Introducing 5 Series. I think we’ve mentioned them before – but now they’re here, in store, ready for you to test and buy and love. As some extra incentive, we’re offering some starter pack deals. Get a Sofa (2base/4sides) as your starter set for $999.94 and get a free U-Drink, custom fit for the 5 series! Go up to the Movie Lounger (4 base, 4 sides) for $1,499.92 and we’ll throw in a free side! Perfect for making a beginner sectional sactional set up (say that three times fast, please). And keep in mind, all 5 Series come with either a Black Velvish Cover or Chocolate Rhino Phur cover, with more choices to be released soon.

Look for the youngster in your life (or just the comfort lover)? Our very own tribute to Bob Barker, Nooder, could still use a home… and just in time for Easter!