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Wow, everyone, wow. The turn out on Black Friday was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Big kudos to the people who stood in line for the whole two hours it took us to get through it – you all got probably the best deal you will ever see out of LoveSac. It’s really the true die-hard fans like you that keep us going, and we’re so glad that we could send you home with stuff to make your life more comfortable.

For those of you that didn’t get up early for the deals, have no fear. The Package deal prices of $399 for a SuperSac Manor Suede Package and $265 for a CitySac Manor Suede Package will be continuing on for the entire weekend. The package deals will then still be around for most of the holiday – just not quite for the same great price. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give the store a call (414.774.5683) or stop on in – we can still help you find the perfect holiday gift!


Last Day (of work) Before Black Friday!

Alright guys, so we released to you the amazing sale. Hopefully you have picked out what you want, you’re ready to get here before 6am so you can get 50% off, and all you have to worry about is if you want light meat, dark meat, or tofurkey tomorrow. If, however, you do have any questions, keep in mind that today is the last day before Black Friday that we as a store will be open, so call us (414.774.5683) or e-mail us ( with any and all questions! If it turns to Thanksgiving and you still have a question, you can try a blog comment or facebook message. There’s no guarantee that we’ll get back to you, but those will be the only sources we’ll have access to until the big day. Happy eating!

The Black Friday Deal Countdown

Tuesday is rapidly approaching, to all of you devoted fans who have had your eyes glued on this blog. For those of you refreshing every ten minutes in hopes of an early leak, feel free to keep your eyes glued to this handy dandy countdown clock!

BLACK FRIDAY PREP: Waking Up And Getting There 101

Come on now, don’t get excited about a new blog post. You all know as well as we do that the Top Secret Amazing LoveSac Black Friday Sale Details don’t get released until Tuesday, November 23rd. If we released them any sooner, panic would ensue! They’re just that good! We do think, however, that once you’re done oogling the amazing package deals you should probably start training for the Big Day. As with all LoveSac Black Friday Sales (and in fact most Black Friday sales for any store), you will save the most money if you get here as early as possible.

With Mayfair Mall opening at 5am this year, that’s no easy feat. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled some key points to help you plan ahead and make sure you’re up and ready to go.

STEP ONE: PLANNING – So. You’ve decided to go Black Friday shopping. Obviously, you’re going to need a plan. Start with your list of stores, starting with the ones with the best deal (LoveSac) and working your way back based on sales. Then for each store, make sure you make a list of what you need! This will help the sales staff get you what you need and on your way to your next stop ASAP. Keep in mind if you’re an internet shopper that not all stores have all of the same products as their online counterpart. Be sure to call the store and verify that they’ll have (or be able to get) what you’re looking for. If you’re planning for your LoveSac sale, you can always just give us a call – our number here is 414.774.5683, and we are always happy to help you plan your purchase ahead of time to make Black Friday shopping easy, quick, and fun.

STEP TWO: HAVE A PLAN B – The awful truth is that sometimes, even if you get there really early, super popular items might be sold out. The benefit of shopping this early is that a lot of times the item can be ordered, but sometimes with really popular things they’re going to stay sold out until after the holidays. This is where a Plan B is important: you want to have a back up plan that is just as good, or be able to find a cute way of showing what you got in case you don’t have it right away. At LoveSac we have a cute assortment of KickSacs and Phurry Balls that can stand in as a miniature substitute should your favored size/cover/whatever becomes old out and you need a stand in gift until the main event arrives. Grab a few to hand out for fun, too!

STEP THREE: SCHEDULING – If you think this is the same as planning, you are dead wrong: this scheduling is directly about your sleep scheduling. Getting up at 5am is hard, and there a few ways to approach it. One is to go to bed REALLY early the night before. This isn’t hard even for night owls for a full tummy of Thanksgiving delights. Some people, though, fear over sleeping and go for the all nighter. We do not recommend this. Instead, opt for a cat nap and THEN get up to start your day. All sorts of sources (including the fabulous website, Planet Green) are coming out with information that naps are helpful for all kinds of things, including preventing cancer. Naps also make you less likely to be grumpy, and as your shopping companions and any sales representatives can attest, we prefer you not grumpy. Really.

STEP FOUR: FOOD – A healthy breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Note: this does not mean a heavy breakfast. We recommend some scrambled eggs (protein keeps you going!), granola, yogurt, and for sure some fresh fruit or fruit juice. Vitamin C will keep you energized much longer than caffeine and sugar, so take it easy on the latter and load up on the citrus. This will also help to bolster your immune system against any of the people fighting the flu and the crowds at the same time.

STEP FIVE: GETTING READY – Make sure you take a shower in the morning. It’ll help to wake you up and make sure you have your wits about you! Guys, you don’t have too much else to do, but Ladies, we women of the Sac have always found that it helps us to get in the mode to start our day if we get ourselves completely ready to go out instead of just shuffling into the predawn light in pajamas. A nice outfit, done hair, makeup (if you wear it) will all make you feel like it’s time to get going and give you the energy you need to beat the crowds.

Then it’s just up to you to race to the mall and start soon to be huge line in front of your favorite store (LoveSac)! Remember to keep an eye on all the sales – make sure you check back Tuesday to get the dirt on ours – and make sure you have a great Black Friday! Happy shopping!

Black Friday… still on its way.

Are you feeling the antici…..pation? Us too. We’re very proud to announce that the amazing sales of 2011 Black Friday will officially be released, via this blog, on Tuesday, November 23rd. We can wholeheartedly say that the sales are going to be well worth the wait. If you want a little sneak preview, I suppose we can show you some of the wicked awesome package deals we’re going to have. Like, for example, the SuperSac Package with Limited Edition Manor Suede Covers. Check it out!

It comes complete with a SuperSac Insert, Manor Suede cover, Manor Suede SodaSac, Sheepskin Pillow, and our new friend Sjorn. Much like his cousin Nooder, he has a blanket inside, making him the most useful miniature sheep ever. SuperSac too big for your space? Have no fear. We’ll have a CitySac Package with all of the same accessories.

Drool over the packages now, but just wait until Tuesday. These deals are going to blow your mind. Oh, and you should maybe start getting used to be up by 5am – you’re going to want to be here early to take advantage of what we have going on.

Black Friday: It’s Coming.

Last year we gave you The Secrets to Ruling Black Friday. We brought you an amazing sale with a great turn out. And now Black Friday is right around the corner – again.

So what can you expect this year?

Well, we don’t know yet. As you might remember from last year, our holiday sales are so super awesome that they stay under wraps until the week of Black Friday. (I believe last year we released the good news the Tuesday before?) So for those of you stopping in asking what it’s going to be, saying you’ve heard this and that, just stay patient and stay tuned! Yes, we’ll probably have some amazing blow your mind packages, and yes, the deals will probably be fantastic. But we don’t know any more details than you do (and we’re just as excited to find out what they are!).

So keep your eyes glued to this page, we promise the deals are coming!