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Happy Independence Day!

No, we have not been invaded by Aliens… we’ve been SUPER busy here at LoveSac Mayfair. With Summer now officially in full swing (YAY Summerfest!), we’re hanging out indoors staying cooooool. Time to blog update! On to business…

KAtie breaking it down for phone customers...

Katie breaking it down for phone customers...

I know what you’re probably thinking right now. ‘We don’t want to hear your life story LoveSac, get to the GOOD STUFF! Bring us our 4th of July Savings!’ Well my dears, you’re totally right.


If you’ve ever stopped in to take a peek at our Sactionals, you’re probably well aware of the fact that we never run sales on them. Heck, we can barely keep up with the demand for them. This weekend ONLY, we’re offering a MovieSac for $10 with every Sactional purchase over $1999! Prepping for the sweltering summer heat? You can turn any extra room into a Home Theater with a Sactional AND the best front row seating there is – a Sac. Perfect for two (but the ultimate throne for one), the MovieSac is not so gigantic that it’s unmanageable, but big enough to provide two lifetimes of supreme chillin’ comfort.

Flippin' Sweet


Warning – we only have a few of these left! An original retail value of $1198, the Big Tat Package is a lot to take in.  It consists of a BigOne insert, Luxury Mushroom Tattoo Velvish cover,  matching SpeakerSac pillow,  SodaSac drink holder, Squattoman ottoman cover and two Balls.

Flippin' Huge

Balls not pictured

Our lone male employee Gio almost flipped a lid when we sold one to a Milwaukee Brewer… but we don’t name drop here at Mayfair (unless you get us gossiping face-to-face!) Only available in limited quantities to begin with, this is a STEAL at $749.

Stop in and say hi to Katie and Courtney this Saturday – we’ll be kickin’ it like we do every 4th of July – LoveSac’n it up! Come show some love!