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Sac’d Out X Games Covers (and Coverage)

Check it out – LoveSac has a long standing relationship with the X Games: we Sac them out and make a sweet LoveSac lounge for celebrities and onlookers, and select Sac’rs get to watch the sheer awesomeness that is the X Games. As our Chief Sac Shawny D said: ESPN may have more Sacs and Sactionals than anyone.

The best part about this relationship is that the X Games is not afraid to get creative with their furniture. Just check out the covers that LoveSac HQ had been hard at work designing:

Pretty cool, huh? Can you see all of the X Games sports hidden in the design? We think it looks pretty amazing! You can check out more pictures and full of coverage of the goings-ons at Shawny’s blog!

And if ESPN has inspired you to get Sac and Sactional seating for your own venue, give our store a call at (414) 774-5683. We have awesome – if less intricate and less limited edition – covers, too. 😉

Courtney Cachet for LoveSac… and the Jersey Shore?

As many of you probably have heard, at the Sac we’re totally jazzed that Courtney Cachet has designed some pretty sweet covers for our 6 Series Sactionals. In case you’re new to LoveSac  – and the our store’s blog – Sactionals are the most ideal furniture ever:  they come in two modules, Bases and Sides, that you buy as many of as you want to build… well, whatever you please! You can change ’em, move ’em, and rearrange ’em whenever you feel like it, too. Not to mention adding on… well, you get the idea, they’re awesome. Courtney Cachet’s designs are only going to help to make them more amazing than ever before!

While skimming the internet today for LoveSac news, we came across this great Huffington Post blog entry by Courtney about her design style and how LoveSac ties right in. Check out the gorgeous pictures and how to get high design fashion working for your home.

After all, you don’t want your house to end up looking like the house on the Jersey Shore – which you can see Courtney’s review of here – right? One of her key suggestions for improving their house: Sac’ing it out with Sacs and Sactionals. We’re inclined to agree, especially knowing what the cast gets up to, and that all of our covers are machine washable. And if one piece gets ruined beyond recognition, where Sactionals are concerned, you can just replace a single piece rather than whole set up. Just sayin’.


Stores, I mean.

Last Friday, while we were being bombarded by rain in Southeastern Wisconsin, LoveSac was creating its own storm in Scottsdale, AZ – a storm of excitement and anticipation, that is. The new store opened its doors at 10am to an eagerly awaiting crowd who were trying to snatch up the new store count down discount to get themselves some awesome Sacs and Sactionals.

We’re very excited to welcome our 30th sister store to the company! If any of you readers end up in Arizona, make sure to check them out at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Hurricane Milwaukee Special

Summer in Milwaukee means a lot of different things: festival season, beach season, and of course, storm season, which is now in full swing. Our most recent storm (which experts are fondly referring to as “Hurricane Milwaukee”) devastated us in a number of ways. Sinkholes, anyone?

Okay, okay, so sinkholes might be rarity, but basement flooding is not. A drive around town displayed epic amounts of wreckage – damaged carpet and lame furniture, the latter of which we are happy to say no one need mourn. Why, you may ask? We’re offering a Hurricane Milwaukee Special for those with the greatest of basement flooding stories. Come in and dazzle us with your grief and receive 10% off of your Sac purchase. Sactionals more your style? Keep in mind our Sactional floor model sale – 15% off floor model pieces and covers.

We need your help…

… to move our new product in!

Those of you who missed out on the last Sactional Sale, this is your time to get in on another one. We’re updating our floor to showcase some new covers especially for our 5 series Sactionals. For those of you who haven’t heard about 5 series, they work exactly like 6 series – except a little smaller, and they come packaged with unique covers. The new creation we’re unveiling? Butternut.

Isn’t it pretty? We’re a huge fan of the coffee piping. Butternut is speeding towards our store, but we need your help to get rid of some of our old Sactionals.

That’s right – we’re selling some of our floor models. With a discount, of course.  If you’re interested, give our store a call (414.774.5683) and we can let you know the skinny on bringing your favorite LEGO-esque furniture home to start getting your home Sac’d. The only catch is that the covers and pieces cannot be separated – so if you were holding out for Chocolate Rhino Phur (or any other cover not on our floor) you’re out of luck. We, however, believe this to not be a problem at all, as we have impeccable taste that receives quite a few compliments. Trust us – this is a deal you’re going to want to get in on.

The people who took our 4th of July advise…
July 20, 2010, 6:16 pm
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A friend of ours on facebook sent us this awesome picture:

A beautiful example of those who took our 4th of July advise to heart! Note the perfect placement near the barricades, the comfortable relaxed position on the Sac, and the terrific use of the Sport Utility Cover (which as of this writing is still free with purchase of Super or Movie, for a limited time). We’re a little disappointed in their lack of snacks and goodies, but we’ll let it slide; they look pretty comfortable.

If you have any great pictures of you using your Sac in a unique way, or taking it outdoors, or having it at a unique event, send us pictures! We’d love to see them. You can leave them on our Facebook (see link to the left) or e-mail them to us at In the meantime, Happy Sac’ing!

Managerfest 2010

For those of you who are unfamiliar, every year LoveSac holds a legendary get together known as “Managerfest.” It’s a time when all of the managers gather to learn about all of the latest LoveSac news, reconnect, and really get into the trendy, upbeat, fun spirit that is our unique furniture brand.

This means that our fearless leader was away for the better part of this week in Boston to be trained, taught, and teased with all of the amazing new things that will be making their way to the Sac. All of the store managers also got to visit the newest LoveSac location in New Hampshire at The Mall at Rockingham Park. Check ’em out – we think they’re a pretty good looking bunch, don’t you?