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We need your help…

… to move our new product in!

Those of you who missed out on the last Sactional Sale, this is your time to get in on another one. We’re updating our floor to showcase some new covers especially for our 5 series Sactionals. For those of you who haven’t heard about 5 series, they work exactly like 6 series – except a little smaller, and they come packaged with unique covers. The new creation we’re unveiling? Butternut.

Isn’t it pretty? We’re a huge fan of the coffee piping. Butternut is speeding towards our store, but we need your help to get rid of some of our old Sactionals.

That’s right – we’re selling some of our floor models. With a discount, of course.  If you’re interested, give our store a call (414.774.5683) and we can let you know the skinny on bringing your favorite LEGO-esque furniture home to start getting your home Sac’d. The only catch is that the covers and pieces cannot be separated – so if you were holding out for Chocolate Rhino Phur (or any other cover not on our floor) you’re out of luck. We, however, believe this to not be a problem at all, as we have impeccable taste that receives quite a few compliments. Trust us – this is a deal you’re going to want to get in on.


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