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Missed the first hour madness?

Have no fear if you did – you can still snag a great deal this Holiday weekend. Package deals are still 50% off while supplies last, putting the SuperSac Cow Phur Package at $599 and the CitySac Cow Phur Package at$499. Cow Phur not your cup of tea? Ask one of our friendly sales reps about one of our other awesome limited edition packages for the SuperSac, or our super-rare Big One Package.

Looking for a better deal on something out of the package? Inquire about one of our Fluffed Floor Models – we have them in Super, Movie, and Gamer, not to mention several Sactional Set-Ups and Cover Sets for Sacs and Sactionals. Shoot us an e-mail or give us a call (414.774.5683) if you have a question!


Let the Holiday Shopping Begin: A Starters Guide to Early Buying

We know, we know – the last of the turkey’s haven’t even gone into hiding post T-Day, leaves are still clinging to the trees, snow is the last thing on your mind. And yet, there are still people who insist on taking care of holiday shopping before ‘December’ is even the main month on the calendar. While we most definitely understand the urge to save your purchasing priorities until last minute, at LoveSac we strongly support early bird shoppers – or at the very least, early bird planners.

At LoveSac, purchases require planning. Let’s face it: Sacs are big. Sactionals can be anything you want, but that still requires a certain degree of information as to what you might need. Measuring your space and at least window shopping early on can help you narrow down your options and find what you really need, allowing you to quickly take advantage of sales that come later in the season (like Black Friday* for example).

Sometimes, you have to ask questions. Curious about what Herringsuede entails? Wondering how on earth Sactionals work? Unsure about the size most often purchased by college students (aka, your puppy-eyed child)? Call the stores you’re interested early on, and don’t be afraid to ask them anything and everything – this will help you to get a feel for what you want to make informed decisions at any stage of your holiday shopping. At LoveSac Mayfair, you can reach us at 414.774.5683 and we’re always glad to help.

Learn about what’s in stock. At LoveSac especially, things go out of stock quickly. We tend to see most of our inventory gone by early December – if you’re planning on having product in your hand on Christmas day, make sure you plan to purchase at least the cover early on, if not the entire set up. You can always call to check on stock levels or ask about what we anticipate having – but remember, our guesses are always subject to change.

Ready, guys? Get out there and get gift hunting!

*Looking for Black Friday info? Stay tuned – sale details are always released closer to the big day!

Devoted Fans, New Packages, and Butternut

Let me start by giving a huge shout out to our devoted fans: as you might guess, a company like LoveSac with such awesome, amazing products breeds a pretty strong following. People love their Sac. But perhaps none more than Sara, who came in today with her three kids and took home a Movie Lounger, Big One with Tat Package, new PillowSac cover, and a Squattoman. This is in addition to a SuperSac she already has at home (true Sac’rs know that Sacs need friends). If you don’t think that’s a big deal, we should maybe also mention that she took all of it home in one trip. All of the opened, floor model Sactional pieces home in one trip. With the BigOne. And three kids in the car. And all of her accessories. And maybe some football gear, too. Sorry for the bad lighting in the picture – the mall basement is no place for a photo shoot – but ya’ll can get the idea. Sara and her kids are supreme champs. And so to you, Sara, our hats go off.

In other news, we’re going to have to sound like a broken record: Courtney Cachet covers are coming. We’re sorry to keep saying it, but we’re just so excited! Especially because part of the new covers getting here means a new Package Deal for our PillowSac (just in time for back to school, College Kids!). It’ll be in the Grey Quilted Chenille (soooo durable) with some accessories and of course, the super awesome Rocker Frame. It’ll hopefully be in our store soon, and trust us, you’re going to want be here when it gets in. They’re so cool, they’re not going to last.

Speaking of awesome things – remember all the reasons that we gave you as to why Sara, customer extraordinaire, is awesome? Well add one more: the floor models she bought made room for 5 Series Butternut Sactionals. They’re drool worthy, but don’t just take my word for it. Come by and have a seat!

So you think you want the BigOne…

It’s your lucky weekend, then. For July 4th weekend we’re offering one of the best sales on an individual size ever – while supplies last, of course. We have The BigOne and Two Squattomans in Earth Microsuede all for $649.99. For those of you who don’t have prices in front of you, that’s over $450 of savings.

If you think you want a BigOne, hurry up and get in the stores on July 4th weekend, because much like prime firework watching seats, this is something that will go fast to those who are most dedicated and devoted to the Sac.