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Sac’d Out X Games Covers (and Coverage)

Check it out – LoveSac has a long standing relationship with the X Games: we Sac them out and make a sweet LoveSac lounge for celebrities and onlookers, and select Sac’rs get to watch the sheer awesomeness that is the X Games. As our Chief Sac Shawny D said: ESPN may have more Sacs and Sactionals than anyone.

The best part about this relationship is that the X Games is not afraid to get creative with their furniture. Just check out the covers that LoveSac HQ had been hard at work designing:

Pretty cool, huh? Can you see all of the X Games sports hidden in the design? We think it looks pretty amazing! You can check out more pictures and full of coverage of the goings-ons at Shawny’s blog!

And if ESPN has inspired you to get Sac and Sactional seating for your own venue, give our store a call at (414) 774-5683. We have awesome – if less intricate and less limited edition – covers, too. 😉


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That’s pretty awesome.

Managed to find a bunch!

Comment by Neko

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