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Courtney Cachet for LoveSac… and the Jersey Shore?

As many of you probably have heard, at the Sac we’re totally jazzed that Courtney Cachet has designed some pretty sweet covers for our 6 Series Sactionals. In case you’re new to LoveSac  – and the our store’s blog – Sactionals are the most ideal furniture ever:  they come in two modules, Bases and Sides, that you buy as many of as you want to build… well, whatever you please! You can change ’em, move ’em, and rearrange ’em whenever you feel like it, too. Not to mention adding on… well, you get the idea, they’re awesome. Courtney Cachet’s designs are only going to help to make them more amazing than ever before!

While skimming the internet today for LoveSac news, we came across this great Huffington Post blog entry by Courtney about her design style and how LoveSac ties right in. Check out the gorgeous pictures and how to get high design fashion working for your home.

After all, you don’t want your house to end up looking like the house on the Jersey Shore – which you can see Courtney’s review of here – right? One of her key suggestions for improving their house: Sac’ing it out with Sacs and Sactionals. We’re inclined to agree, especially knowing what the cast gets up to, and that all of our covers are machine washable. And if one piece gets ruined beyond recognition, where Sactionals are concerned, you can just replace a single piece rather than whole set up. Just sayin’.


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