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Missed the first hour madness?

Have no fear if you did – you can still snag a great deal this Holiday weekend. Package deals are still 50% off while supplies last, putting the SuperSac Cow Phur Package at $599 and the CitySac Cow Phur Package at$499. Cow Phur not your cup of tea? Ask one of our friendly sales reps about one of our other awesome limited edition packages for the SuperSac, or our super-rare Big One Package.

Looking for a better deal on something out of the package? Inquire about one of our Fluffed Floor Models – we have them in Super, Movie, and Gamer, not to mention several Sactional Set-Ups and Cover Sets for Sacs and Sactionals. Shoot us an e-mail or give us a call (414.774.5683) if you have a question!



What’s that, you say? Whimsical posts about moving and how to be cool are great, but you’re reading this for the sales? S-A-L-E-S? “Sales?” Really? You want… sales?

Well, okay. We have sales for you. You know they’re rare, and when they come, they’re amazing! Which is why we have worked hard, slaving over inventory, numbers, and the ferocious whip of our superiors to bring you these fantastic, one of a kind, while-supplies-last weekend super deal packages. This weekend only, we will have for you:

15% OFF of a full sofa (3 bases, 5 sides) in Mushroom Plushsuede with purchase of a full price Sactional Inserts
20% OFF of a loveseat (2 bases, 4 sides) in Black Crock with full price Sactional Insert purchase
20% OFF of a 5 Base 8 Side set up in New Espresso with purchase of full price Sactional Inserts
15% OFF of a Pillowsac in Mink
15% OFF of a fully fluffed PillowSac Insert – no muss no fuss!
20% OFF of a chaise lounge Red Velvish cover set with purchase of full price Sactional Inserts

Still can’t find anything? Well, we will also have an accessory grab bag for you to choose from when you purchase either a Sactional or a Sac, as well as a grab bag of free Squattoman covers to chose from when you purchase a full price Squattoman. Keep in mind this is all supplies last – so get to the store while you can! Worried about paying for it? Check out our credit card deal – 18 months no interest with equal monthly payments each month. Just ask your sales rep or give us a call at (414) 774-5683 for more details!