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The Last Day Before the Big Day

This is it: the last day that we as a store are open before the Best LoveSac Sale of the Year (AKA, Black Friday). I know, I know, it’s awful that we abandon you in your furniture-planning hour of need, but as one of the only days off granted to us in retail – and one laden with food, family, and friends at that – we don’t feel too guilty. What does our day off mean for you?

Make sure you know what you want and are comfortable with all sale details NOW. Not sure what we’re talking about? Scroll down a few posts and check out the Black Friday Sale Details. Still have questions? Give us a call at 414.774.5683, shoot us an e-mail at, or leave us a comment on this blog. After 9pm tonight, we will not be in the store to answer our phone, but we will do our best to check the blog comments and the e-mail (although blog comments are your best bet). Still concerned? Get in line early on Friday – our staffers will be making periodic announcements and line checks to see if anyone is in dire need of having a question answered.

Make sure you have a back up plan. If something is out of stock, we do not (except for very, very rare occasions) promise to have it back in stock before Christmas. In the case of package deals – like the Cow Phur for Super and City Sacs – once they’re gone, they are 100% sold out and we will not have the option to order you more. If you have your heart set on one of those, come EARLY or have a plan for a different Sac/Cover combo that you won’t mind taking home instead.

Make sure your alarms are set. The best part of the deal takes place between 5am – 5:59am. Have an alarm set and get here early – lines start forming at the door of our store around 4am. Coming in from out of town? Check the Mayfair Mall website for directions. Once you’re in the mall, we’re upstairs towards Macy’s, directly across from the Movie Theater. Not an early riser? You can still snag a small deal later in the day, too! (But trust us – if you get up early, your suffering will not be in vain.)

See you then!



Looking for a PillowSac in a nice, neutral, earthy color? Love the woven texture that is completely en vogue right now? Look no further than Tobacco Weave, one of our fantastic holiday releases available only in the Tobacco Weave PillowSac Package.

For $550, you can take home the PillowSac Tobacco Weave Package – it comes complete with PillowSac Insert, Tobacco Weave Cover, two matching Throw Pillows, and the ever-popular Rocker Frame

If you’re interested, be sure to act fast – both the PillowSac Package and the Cow Phur Packages (available for City and Super) are limited edition through holiday. They’re available right now for Pre-Sale, but once they’re gone, they’re gone. (That means if we sell out before Black Friday, you’ll be out of luck!) Get ’em quick, ’cause they’ve already been flying out of our stock room.

Searching for Black Friday Sale details? Stay tuned – bookmark this site and stop back, as we don’t usually release the details until about a week or so before the Big Day.

Courtney Cachet Presale, and Customer Devotion

If any of you are from Illinois, you know that LoveSac Mayfair is the closest location to Chicagoland (and really all of northern Illinois). Occasionally we get calls here and there from curious Illinoisan, but we always appreciate when the Sac lovers to the South make the trek up to hang out in the store with us. Especially when they come through the stormy, rainy weather to hang out and chat with the staff before they take their purchase away! So we’d like to give a big shout out to the Potters, who came by to clean us out of our last SuperSac in Mushroom. Thanks for being awesome, devoted Sac’rs, guys!

In other Milwaukee Sac news, we are proud to announce that the Courtney Cachet Quilted Grey Chenille Pillow Package – hence forth known simply as Pillow Package – is now available for presale. Once you buy it, the order will be submitted to the Powers that Be (our Corporate office) who will send us the supplies we need to send you home with a great package. It comes with the PillowSac Insert, Rocker Frame, Quilted Grey Chenille Cover, and two matching Throw Pillows all for $499.99. Pretty awesome, huh? Throw in the fact that the PillowSac can turn into a full size bed and you have super durable college dream furniture. Or a super chic living room piece. Or go the distance and get a bunch to make that trendy media room you’ve always wanted. It’s very versatile, really. If you’re interested, give us a call (414.774.5683) or stop in today!