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That’s so last season…

…isn’t always a bad thing! If you have been in our store recently, you might have noticed our Other Comfy Stuff (known fondly here as ‘OCS’) wall decked out in the Artichoke, Mink, and Black Croc Phurs that were so popular in past holiday seasons. While these colors won’t be sticking around the store for long, that’s a good thing for you pre-holiday shoppers.

While supplies last, you can score all of your favorite other Comfy Stuff for a mega-discount. Trust us, there is no better way to show someone you care than giving them something comfy! Snag a few pairs of slippers for when you get invited to those holiday parties and need a ‘just because’ gift. Grab some throw pillows for your son or daughter’s first apartment. Or even get a nice, big King Blanket for yourself. Get ’em while they’re still here – with these prices, they won’t last long!

Prices on the soon to be defunct OCS colors and styles are as follows:

King Blankets: $180 (marked down from $300!)

Love Throws: $75

Slippers: Buy one, get one half off (or one pair for $30)

Throw Pillows: 2 for $30 or 4 for $50

I Want Your Body Pillow: Buy the pillow for $150, get a Phur Case free!


Get ready for the New Year with a New Look for your Room…

Welcome to 2011, everyone! It’s a New Year, and that means time for New Years Resolutions – some are pretty personal, like eating better, managing your temper, taking more advantage of your time. Others are resolutions that we can help you to achieve: like making your Space more functional and more amazing. Our Sactionals, which are sold in the two modular pieces of bases and sides, are the most versatile furniture you will find – ever.


To celebrate that, we’re rolling out two promotions featuring some of our most popular covers which will run through February 7th. A lot of our most popular Sactional set ups are ones that people end up adding on to eventually – set ups that just one more piece would make even more amazing. Because of that, we’ve created the following bundles to make your set up amazing from the get go*:

-Purchase a Movie Lounger set up (4 bases and 4 sides) in Red Herringsuede, Black Herringsuede, Mink Phur, or any of our custom covers along with Two Throw Pillows and receive a free naked side and $100 credit for additional products of your choice.

-Or for a bigger set up, purchase 6 bases and 8 sides along with 3 Throw Pillows in any of the aforementioned covers and receive a free naked base and $300 credit for additional products of your choice!

Pretty swanky, huh? Just make sure you remember that the credit must be used same day, so make sure you have some great OCS stuff (or extra covers, or extra pieces, or a Sac) all picked out in advance! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a ring at 414.774.5683. Get ready for the most comfortable year of your life!

Those less fortunate….

Alright, everyone. It’s that time of year: the Holidays. The time to get in to the spirit, to share with others, to do good deeds. It’s the time of year that you spend with family, the time to love one another. It’s especially the time of year to cherish how lucky we really are.

While you’re sitting at home, safe and comfortable in your SuperSac, laying under a phur lined Love Throw, there are people out there suffering. While you’re lounging your Sactional, contemplating if you want to rearrange it into a Movie Lounger or leave it as is, there are people out there who are not as lucky. There are people out there who still have lame, uncomfortable furniture.

Yes, we know, it’s totally shocking, but it’s true. The 38 nationwide LoveSac stores are trying as fast as they can to spread the word and save as many uncomfortable lives as possible, but the number of people still blind to the ways of the Sac is still monumental. (We’ve lobbied for it to be declared a National Crisis, but for some reason they just won’t make the announcement.) The best way to combat this around the Holidays is of course for you to buy LoveSacs or LoveSac starters (like our amazing Other Comfy Stuff) for as many people as possible. Maybe a Manor Suede Package in Super or City for your brother, possibly a King Blanket for mom. A simple Base and Side of our Sactionals can make a great chair and starter set up for your off-to-college niece.

The best way to get started on this altruistic endeavor is to get up from your all-too-comfortable seat and get over to your Local LoveSac (at Mayfair Mall) for this, the last weekend before Christmas. We here can help you figure out exactly what you need for the people you care about most – the ones you want to experience a truly comfortable life. One step at a time, we can make everyone’s lives more comfortable.

And while you’re here, swing by the Food Court where you can grab a gift tag (previously the Angel Tree project) to help out someone who really, really needs it. Not going by the Food Court? Then save that spare change from Christmas shopping for some other worthwhile organizations.

Sit Sac, Hear Sac, See Sac

So you’ve already got your living room decked out with some sweet furniture to sit in; maybe your favorite SuperSac in a Silver Mink Phur Cover, perhaps a Sactional set up. Hopefully you have a SodaSac holder for your drinks and remotes, and we pray that you have a SpeakerSac to plug into your TV, iPod, or laptop. You’re already sitting Sac and hearing Sac, so what more could you ask for, right?

Well, now you can also see Sac with our awesome LoveSac Wall Art, straight from the stores and into your living room. Are you old and LoveSac? Then represent it on your wall! Young and LoveSac? Urbanite and LoveSac? A Rebel Millionaire and LoveSac? Don’t worry, we got you all covered. Check it out here and make your living room the talk of the town with all of your LoveSac themed art. Unfortunately they’re only available online, but be sure to stop into the store and bask in the glory of all that your home might one day be while checking out our great deals and new covers.  So what are you waiting for?! Go check it out!