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LoveSac? Get Knit!

The second best moment of the LoveSac year (after Black Friday, that is) has finally arrived: the day that we get all of our new Other Comfy Stuff into the store. For those of you not familiar, Other Comfy Stuff (OCS) is something that no Sac or Sactional owner can live without. It’s our own collection of blankets (large and small), slippers, body pillows, bed pillows, and functional stuffed animal friends like Nooder, Spade, and Kobe.

Every year our OCS gets the newest, most trendy, comfy theme we can find to give it a little makeover – and this year is one of the coolest we’ve had. In addition to our usually Phur products – this year Cow Phur is making its debut – we also have a ton of great knit products. That’s right – knit. Super soft and super thick, you can now get Knit Body Pillow Covers (see picture, left), Knit Slippers, and Knit Throw Blankets, all perfect for snuggling under during the coldest months of the year. We’re sure that any loved ones you’re trying to shop for would love a Knit Blanket, too!

What else is new at LoveSac this year? Well, for those of you looking for more expansive home remodels – more than just a few new blankets or pieces of furniture – we are proud to say that we now carry Mythic Paint, a non-toxic, zero VOC brand that comes in a ton of amazing, vibrant colors. (Something which is rare for eco friendly paints!) Stop on by and take a look at our swatch books. Nothing says ‘happy holidays’ like a room makeover.


See you soon!


Sactional Floor Model Blow Out!

It’s that time of year again – the last lingering greyish brown snow is slowly melting from the ground, the birds are chirping, we just set back our clocks – ladies and gentlemen, spring is almost here.

For LoveSac, that means our brand new Spring Line. (Brand new Champagne Velvet?! Camel Tweed?! Limited Edition Sac Packages?! The true signs of spring are better than any tulip.)

Most importantly, though, it means that we will be selling off Sactional Floor Models to make way for the new setups and new covers. Curious? Give the store a call – 414.774.5683 – and we’ll let you know what’s on sale and for how much.

And a reminder to you germaphobes, Sactional covers are machine washable; a few quick spin cycles and your set up will be just like new. (Although maybe not as crisply folded.)


Football is over for the year, but what a glorious end it was. Now, however, the question is what to do to fill the empty void left in your life until next fall. Since MKE weather is a typically tricky temptress, we highly recommend sinking back into a full-fledged hibernation.

Of course, for that to actually work, you will need to have a fully Sac’d out house. Anything less and you start realizing the sometimes catastrophic consequences that come with the ultimate-laziness-until-spring-lifestyle. We realize that a lot of you were probably gifted (or self-gifted) Sacs for the Holidays – but do you have Sactionals yet?

For those of you who haven’t heard, Sactionals are our totally awesome, modular, changeable, and washable furniture. They’re more structured than Sacs but still just as comfortable and just as much fun. Plus, we know offer our Sactionals in a 5 Series option. 5 Series are about 20% smaller and 30% less expensive than our original 6 Series, so they can fit in more spaces more easily. And did we mention that they come WITH Covers…? Oh yeah; they’re pretty awesome.

Stop in and check them out today and get back to hibernating tomorrow!

Same old Sacs, New Searches, New Questions


So we’ve mentioned this before, but it’s definitely worth reiterating. Because WordPress as a blog host is so awesome, they give us the (slightly creepy) feature of being able to see what you all searched or clicked on to get to our blog.

This is pretty awesome, and most of the searches are pretty typical: “What time is mayfair open?,” “CitySac,” “LoveSac Spade” (we hope this means our love puppy and not the tool!), etc, etc. When we see searches like that, we can rest assured that your found your answer in our blog and are now happy and satisfied. However, some of your searches are a little bit harder to answer and you may not have found what you need in our little blog.

For example, the search for “CitySac in Sheepskin” – sorry folks, the super amazing Sheepskin Cover is only for the SuperSac. “Find a zebra lovesac cover” is also probably not covered in this blog – although it’s something easily found in our custom order books! “Movie Sac prices” you probably found online somewhere, but keep in mind, our prices are different than the website. “LoveSac set up help” is somewhat addressed here, but our posts only go so far. If you have a question like that – or any of the other mostly unanswered ones – feel free to give us a call at 414.774.5683. Even if you’re a LoveSac customer from States away, we’re happy to help you out with whatever you need. Not a phone person? Leave a comment on any of our blogs, message us on our Facebook, or e-mail us at We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible, and trust us, when it comes to LoveSac, we’re a much more engaging and knowledgeable source than the world wide web.

And just as a p.s. – whoever searched “list of mayfair babes” – we’re not sure if or how we could help you with that, but we’re flattered that the search led you here. Good luck!

Custom Covers for the Holidays!


Looking for a funky customer cover for your Sac or Sactional? Trying to get that perfect color to complete your staycation set up or to gift to your picky friend? Well, as you probably know, LoveSac does boast over 200 Customer Covers. But if you want these custom covers for the Holidays, you have to get them in to us by December 13th at 2pm in order to ensure them by Christmas with no extra charge. If you miss this date and still need them by the Big ‘C,’ get us your order by December 16th at 2pm and for a $40 Ship Fee the cover will be at your doorstep as quick as ol’ St. Nick. After that, customs can still be ordered, but will not arrive in time for Christmas.

Have no fear, though – if you miss the Custom deadlines or just aren’t interested in custom covers, there’s plenty of great choices in our PreMade Swatch book. Stop in or give the store a call today! (414.774.5683)

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the Sacs are so delightful…

As Thanksgiving moves further away and the winter time holidays get every closer, us on the 3rd Coast are rapidly approaching the horrible ice age known as the “Wisconsin Winter.” Once the first snow falls (and people subsequently forget how to drive), the roads begin to ice over, the wind begins to pick up, and staying in a state of hibernation until March starts to look more and more appealing. After much internet searching, lurking around blogs and the such like, we’ve found that this hibernation sentiment is bigger than just the Greater Milwaukee Area. People all over are choosing to stay in for the winter instead of going out – it’s called a staycation.

Rather than going out on a vacation, people are staying in and spending that extra vacation money on nice things to make their time in their own house more enjoyable – both for their staycation and beyond. We at LoveSac totally support this: what better to entertain holiday guests on (and relax on after they leave) than Sacs and Sactionals?

‘Tis the season, so gift one to yourself of give the gift of staying in to a friend. We still have ManorSuede Sac Packages running ($550 for a SuperSac, $400 for a CitySac.) Oh, and did we mention the new ManorSuede for 5 Series Sactionals? Or the Heathered Tweet Covers for 6 Series Sactionals? Or the new Buddha Bowls?! Ramen Bowls?!! New Lamps?!! Yeah, we have everything you need to stay indoors.

Once you’re all squared away and comfortable, you can then feel free to move onto more interesting pursuits in your staycation time. Maybe you could do some DYI (DesignSponge has some great projects – we love their paper picture frames!), cook some new gourmet food (or at least gawk at it), or even just expand your knowledge online. The best part about all of these things is that with some LoveSac help, you can do them in comfort; and avoid the slushy, snowy wreck that is about to be the outdoors. That’s what we call a ‘Happy Holiday,’ folks.

Searching Sac?

Something fun about having a Word Press Blog is the Blog Stats section. For all you blogless masses, this allows us to see A LOT of things about our site – how many people checked in, what was clicked on, the most popular post of the day… and also what ya’ll searched for to get to this page.

Most of the time, the searches are fairly common. “LoveSac Wisconsin,” “LoveSac sales,” etc. However, every now and then we get some interesting queries that you probably can’t find the answer to here: things like “lovesac tool kit” (which to my knowledge does not yet exist, as we require no tools!), “lovesac hot pink” (which is available in custom order), and “basement flooding.” So if you were pointed here by a search that you’re having a hard time finding the answer to – and can’t find it in the tomes of our past posts – please, please, please give us a call! Our store number here is (414) 774-5683, and there is someone here more than happy to help you deduce what a LoveSac tool kit might include (some refershing beverages and a blanket for post fluff relaxing, perhaps?), find the perfect hot pink custom cover, or suggest furniture that might work in a flooded and gutted basement.

(Not a phone person? Past store hours? Leave us a comment – the blog master will reply as fast as possible!)