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Have you ever wondered what happens when you come into LoveSac, browse through the Pre-Made Cover Swatches and… find absolutely nothing that you want?

Have no fear! For those with particular, Colorful, Discerning, Fierce, or Brilliant tastes, we have four new swatch books, all of which comprise our brand new Made in America line of Custom Order Covers. The new books come with new materials: everything from Microsuede to Velvet and Chenille, and even our new Indoor-Outdoor covers (for those looking to take your Sactionals on an adventure in the Great Outdoors – or just your backyard).

Covers vary in price based on what material you are looking for, but with new colors, patterns, and textures, we guarantee you’ll love them no matter what. For those of you interested in custom covers, keep in mind that they take about 6 – 8 weeks to get in stock (though they ship directly to you, so a repeat visit to the store is not necessary for those of you dreading a drive).

Ready to be Brilliant? Colorful? Fierce? Discerning? Stop in and drool over the new books with us – you won’t be disappointed!

For those of you waiting on Black Friday Sales, we can offer this hint: Custom Covers are (unfortunately) never included in our sales. But that doesn’t mean you can’t score a great price on your insert when you order a cover! Stay tuned for full Black Friday details coming out on Monday.


Custom Covers for the Holidays!


Looking for a funky customer cover for your Sac or Sactional? Trying to get that perfect color to complete your staycation set up or to gift to your picky friend? Well, as you probably know, LoveSac does boast over 200 Customer Covers. But if you want these custom covers for the Holidays, you have to get them in to us by December 13th at 2pm in order to ensure them by Christmas with no extra charge. If you miss this date and still need them by the Big ‘C,’ get us your order by December 16th at 2pm and for a $40 Ship Fee the cover will be at your doorstep as quick as ol’ St. Nick. After that, customs can still be ordered, but will not arrive in time for Christmas.

Have no fear, though – if you miss the Custom deadlines or just aren’t interested in custom covers, there’s plenty of great choices in our PreMade Swatch book. Stop in or give the store a call today! (414.774.5683)

Let the (slightly belated) Spring Cleaning Begin!

LoveSac’s across the land are bounding into Spring Cleaning Mode. Why, you might ask? Well, to get ready for our new cover line, of course! Those of you have been Sac’ing for a while know that it’s pretty rare for us to entirely switch cover lines. Sure, a cover might come and go here and there (normally hopping on over to the hundreds of custom order covers), but completely overhauling is pretty seldom.

We’re all pretty excited to welcome in our new covers, as well as some old favorites that will be stickin’ around. At the standard level, we have Navy Twill. Coming in for Premiums will be Tan and Black Herringsuedes (which should arrive soon – we’re all pumped to see it!). As far as Luxury is concerned, we have the dreamily soft Rhino Phurs in Taupe, Chocolate, and Seawater (Rhino Phurs have already gotten a lot of attention on our blog). Of course, we can’t forget Magnum’s; most will be pleased to know that Eskimo Phur will be hanging around, joined by the once Limited Edition Mink Phur. What can we say? It was just too awesome to discontinue!

Our initial display of new awesomeness!

While that does mean a fond farewell be given to Earth and Moss Microsuede, Red and Black Velvish, and Mushroom and Espresso Plushsuede, we think you’ll all be happy. Especially because the demise of those covers means something really great for all of you deal hunters out there. Those of you searching for a sale, stay tuned later this week when we make an important announcement about what is to come…