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Have you ever wondered what happens when you come into LoveSac, browse through the Pre-Made Cover Swatches and… find absolutely nothing that you want?

Have no fear! For those with particular, Colorful, Discerning, Fierce, or Brilliant tastes, we have four new swatch books, all of which comprise our brand new Made in America line of Custom Order Covers. The new books come with new materials: everything from Microsuede to Velvet and Chenille, and even our new Indoor-Outdoor covers (for those looking to take your Sactionals on an adventure in the Great Outdoors – or just your backyard).

Covers vary in price based on what material you are looking for, but with new colors, patterns, and textures, we guarantee you’ll love them no matter what. For those of you interested in custom covers, keep in mind that they take about 6 – 8 weeks to get in stock (though they ship directly to you, so a repeat visit to the store is not necessary for those of you dreading a drive).

Ready to be Brilliant? Colorful? Fierce? Discerning? Stop in and drool over the new books with us – you won’t be disappointed!

For those of you waiting on Black Friday Sales, we can offer this hint: Custom Covers are (unfortunately) never included in our sales. But that doesn’t mean you can’t score a great price on your insert when you order a cover! Stay tuned for full Black Friday details coming out on Monday.


St. Patrick’s Day Sale!

Is your Irish blood tingling? It should be – even if you don’t necessarily have Irish blood, March 17th, St Patrick’s Day, is the one time of the year where everyone is Irish. Here at LoveSac, we want to do a little something to celebrate that.

St. Patrick’s Day through the Weekend we will be offering 25% off on everything green – green EcoSacs, Artichoke Throw Blankets and Love Throws, Custom Green Covers for Sactionals (with purchase of inserts), and even the Sacs themselves (with purchase of cover). The foam in our Sacs is often shredded down from foam pieces that couldn’t be used in any other furniture – meaning that it keeps foam out of landfills, making it theoretically “green.”

Keep in mind this weekend and we’ll also be running our Sactional Floor Model sale. It’s your chance to get 30% and up on select Sactional Floor Model set ups – quite the deal! And for those of you who have been oogling the furry greatness of the Sheepskin cover, make sure you stop in quick; the Floor Model will be going for 50% off!

Labor(day) of Love(sac)

Well hello again, loyal Sac-readers. It’s been awhile since we’ve been able to write this, but we’re very proud to announce a sale happening this weekend on select merchandise.

For those of you looking for 6 Series Sactionals, have you thought about our Moss Microsuede Covers? Well, it’s about time you did: right now, Moss Covers are $25 per base and $10 per side with purchase of full price insert.

Looking more along the line of Sacs? Wanting to take one to school, or just dealing with a smaller space? Well, we still have Inked Tattoo Packages in stock for the MovieSac. The best part? They’re on sale for $25 with purchase of Sac Insert – and they come with a Squattoman cover, so you can knock up your feet and relax this labor day.

None of that floating your boat? We still have our Courtney Cachet Pillow Package running, too. It comes with a PillowSac Insert, Rocker Frame, Quilted Grey Chenille Cover, and two matching Throw Pillows all for $499.99.

Stop in and check it out – once they’re gone, they’re gone!

LoveSac, Finance Sac

I know we’ve mentioned it before – but it’s probably about time for a post that mentions nothing else but our LoveSac Credit Card.  (We promise, no more talking about our awesome Courtney Cachet covers… the Damask, the Chenille, the Blue Dots… oops, does that count as a mention?)

The LoveSac Card is probably the most awesome of the financing options we have. Certainly more fulfilling than our layaway, when you can’t take anything home with you. Get approved for the card and it’s as good as cash and your whole purchase can leave the store with you, same day. It’s semi-instant approval: we can get you through the system as fast as the internet application will allow us.

The best part about the card? The promotion we’re currently running for 18 months, no interest. There are still payments involved – but the great people at GE Money have worked it out so that they turn into 18 equal monthly payments. (By the end of 18 months, you could have it paid off!) That’s pretty sweet, considering it means you would be paying less than $40 a month for a SuperSac in a sweet RhinoPhur cover. A great 5 Series Movie Lounger in Butternut could be yours for less than $90 a month. Pretty sweet, huh?

Now that you know, be sure to ask us the next time you’re in the store. The card could help you leave with your dream purchase sooner than you’d think!

Devoted Fans, New Packages, and Butternut

Let me start by giving a huge shout out to our devoted fans: as you might guess, a company like LoveSac with such awesome, amazing products breeds a pretty strong following. People love their Sac. But perhaps none more than Sara, who came in today with her three kids and took home a Movie Lounger, Big One with Tat Package, new PillowSac cover, and a Squattoman. This is in addition to a SuperSac she already has at home (true Sac’rs know that Sacs need friends). If you don’t think that’s a big deal, we should maybe also mention that she took all of it home in one trip. All of the opened, floor model Sactional pieces home in one trip. With the BigOne. And three kids in the car. And all of her accessories. And maybe some football gear, too. Sorry for the bad lighting in the picture – the mall basement is no place for a photo shoot – but ya’ll can get the idea. Sara and her kids are supreme champs. And so to you, Sara, our hats go off.

In other news, we’re going to have to sound like a broken record: Courtney Cachet covers are coming. We’re sorry to keep saying it, but we’re just so excited! Especially because part of the new covers getting here means a new Package Deal for our PillowSac (just in time for back to school, College Kids!). It’ll be in the Grey Quilted Chenille (soooo durable) with some accessories and of course, the super awesome Rocker Frame. It’ll hopefully be in our store soon, and trust us, you’re going to want be here when it gets in. They’re so cool, they’re not going to last.

Speaking of awesome things – remember all the reasons that we gave you as to why Sara, customer extraordinaire, is awesome? Well add one more: the floor models she bought made room for 5 Series Butternut Sactionals. They’re drool worthy, but don’t just take my word for it. Come by and have a seat!