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Football is over for the year, but what a glorious end it was. Now, however, the question is what to do to fill the empty void left in your life until next fall. Since MKE weather is a typically tricky temptress, we highly recommend sinking back into a full-fledged hibernation.

Of course, for that to actually work, you will need to have a fully Sac’d out house. Anything less and you start realizing the sometimes catastrophic consequences that come with the ultimate-laziness-until-spring-lifestyle. We realize that a lot of you were probably gifted (or self-gifted) Sacs for the Holidays – but do you have Sactionals yet?

For those of you who haven’t heard, Sactionals are our totally awesome, modular, changeable, and washable furniture. They’re more structured than Sacs but still just as comfortable and just as much fun. Plus, we know offer our Sactionals in a 5 Series option. 5 Series are about 20% smaller and 30% less expensive than our original 6 Series, so they can fit in more spaces more easily. And did we mention that they come WITH Covers…? Oh yeah; they’re pretty awesome.

Stop in and check them out today and get back to hibernating tomorrow!


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