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Happy Holidays from your favorite LoveSac Staff…

happy holidays from the mayfair team!

Yup – that’s our entire staff, the lovely ladies of LoveSac Mayfair, all on the BigOne. (All of you who doubt that the BigOne actually fits five, take note!) The picture was taken by Alex, the fearless leader of our Retail Team, during our annual store training. We call it “frontline.” Post training, we are now all qualified to help you make your living room even more awesome than ever before.

We’re also prepared to give you a special offer for the Holidays: Manor Suede City Sac Packages are now $349 until December 24th. $50 off! As we’ve mentioned before, the City Package comes with the gorgeous chocolate brown Manor Suede Cover, matching Soda Sac, Sjorn, and a Sheepskin Throw Pillow. The package deal is kind of the ultimate gift to give someone, but if you’re trying to stretch a dollar, you can always split it up and dole out the contents to all of the Sac lovers in your life. Sheepskin Throw Pillow for dad, Sjorn for little Suzy, CitySac for yourself… okay, okay, for mom! It is the season for giving, after all.

If the CitySac insert your thing, we do have plenty of other Sac sizes in stock and ready to take home today. Just stop in the store or give us a call – we’d love to help you get the perfect Holiday gift.


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i like this picture a lot.
i like the picture of the girls on the bigone.
it is a very good nice picture. keep having more pictures of the lovesac staff siting on the bigone.
love wayne your number 1 lovesac fan. and a em,ployee at lovesac flatiron crosing lovesac store.

Comment by WAYNE

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