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Last Day (of work) Before Black Friday!

Alright guys, so we released to you the amazing sale. Hopefully you have picked out what you want, you’re ready to get here before 6am so you can get 50% off, and all you have to worry about is if you want light meat, dark meat, or tofurkey tomorrow. If, however, you do have any questions, keep in mind that today is the last day before Black Friday that we as a store will be open, so call us (414.774.5683) or e-mail us ( with any and all questions! If it turns to Thanksgiving and you still have a question, you can try a blog comment or facebook message. There’s no guarantee that we’ll get back to you, but those will be the only sources we’ll have access to until the big day. Happy eating!


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I am interested in the movie lounge- i stopped in the store today- and the person working said they were $1500 and they are $1800 online? what is the real price on these? Also how much are the covers?

Comment by Tabatha

If you were looking at the one in store, that’s our 5 Series Movie Lounger. 5 Series works exactly the same as 6 Series, except they’re a little smaller and come with covers initially (although you have fewer options). 5 Series are priced at $250 a base and $125 a side (with the covers), as opposed to $200 a base and $100 a side (without covers) for 6 Series. So the 4 base, 4 side 5 Series Movie Lounger you saw would indeed be $1500, with covers! If you were looking at 6 Series so that your set up would be a little larger, the pieces themselves would be $1200 and it would go up depending on what cover level you were looking at. And then of course if you get there before 6:00am, remember you’ll get the 50% off. =)

Something also to keep in mind is that online prices at are not the same as in store prices. They tend to be about 20-25% more , so we always recommend taking the price guide home with you so that you have the in store info when browsing the selection on the web!

Comment by Mayfair LoveSac

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