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To live the dream, start the dream (with Sactionals!)

As loyal readers know, not too long ago we were having an epic floor model sale – which went smashingly well, and now our store is completely redecorated in new colors and fabrics (Chocolate Velvish, anyone?). If you’re near the store, we totally recommend you stop on by and take a peak at the new set up.

If you’re stopping on by and are in the market to start your dream set up, you’re in luck as well – we still have two set ups from our floor model sale looking for a good home. One is an Eskimo Arm Chair + Ottoman (aka 2 bases and 3 sides), and the other is a similar set up in 5 series Black Velvish. Sure, it’s not the giant set ups that got snatched off the floor right away – but it’s a great starting point that you can add on to later. (Oh, and did we mention they’re 20% off?)

For those of you old school Sactional customers looking to add on to set up in covers that have (sadly) been discontinued, don’t turn to custom order quite yet! We still have some covers in Moss, Earth, Red and Espresso to add on (or mix it up with) your pre-existing set up. Don’t have that much cash on hand? Lacking space but want to add on later? Snap up the covers now and come back and get the pieces when you can! (Or apply for the LoveSac Credit Card.)

Your dream set up can be a reality – one step at a time.


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