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Something fun about having a Word Press Blog is the Blog Stats section. For all you blogless masses, this allows us to see A LOT of things about our site – how many people checked in, what was clicked on, the most popular post of the day… and also what ya’ll searched for to get to this page.

Most of the time, the searches are fairly common. “LoveSac Wisconsin,” “LoveSac sales,” etc. However, every now and then we get some interesting queries that you probably can’t find the answer to here: things like “lovesac tool kit” (which to my knowledge does not yet exist, as we require no tools!), “lovesac hot pink” (which is available in custom order), and “basement flooding.” So if you were pointed here by a search that you’re having a hard time finding the answer to – and can’t find it in the tomes of our past posts – please, please, please give us a call! Our store number here is (414) 774-5683, and there is someone here more than happy to help you deduce what a LoveSac tool kit might include (some refershing beverages and a blanket for post fluff relaxing, perhaps?), find the perfect hot pink custom cover, or suggest furniture that might work in a flooded and gutted basement.

(Not a phone person? Past store hours? Leave us a comment – the blog master will reply as fast as possible!)

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