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Courtney Cachet Presale, and Customer Devotion

If any of you are from Illinois, you know that LoveSac Mayfair is the closest location to Chicagoland (and really all of northern Illinois). Occasionally we get calls here and there from curious Illinoisan, but we always appreciate when the Sac lovers to the South make the trek up to hang out in the store with us. Especially when they come through the stormy, rainy weather to hang out and chat with the staff before they take their purchase away! So we’d like to give a big shout out to the Potters, who came by to clean us out of our last SuperSac in Mushroom. Thanks for being awesome, devoted Sac’rs, guys!

In other Milwaukee Sac news, we are proud to announce that the Courtney Cachet Quilted Grey Chenille Pillow Package – hence forth known simply as Pillow Package – is now available for presale. Once you buy it, the order will be submitted to the Powers that Be (our Corporate office) who will send us the supplies we need to send you home with a great package. It comes with the PillowSac Insert, Rocker Frame, Quilted Grey Chenille Cover, and two matching Throw Pillows all for $499.99. Pretty awesome, huh? Throw in the fact that the PillowSac can turn into a full size bed and you have super durable college dream furniture. Or a super chic living room piece. Or go the distance and get a bunch to make that trendy media room you’ve always wanted. It’s very versatile, really. If you’re interested, give us a call (414.774.5683) or stop in today!


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