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I know we’ve mentioned it before – but it’s probably about time for a post that mentions nothing else but our LoveSac Credit Card.  (We promise, no more talking about our awesome Courtney Cachet covers… the Damask, the Chenille, the Blue Dots… oops, does that count as a mention?)

The LoveSac Card is probably the most awesome of the financing options we have. Certainly more fulfilling than our layaway, when you can’t take anything home with you. Get approved for the card and it’s as good as cash and your whole purchase can leave the store with you, same day. It’s semi-instant approval: we can get you through the system as fast as the internet application will allow us.

The best part about the card? The promotion we’re currently running for 18 months, no interest. There are still payments involved – but the great people at GE Money have worked it out so that they turn into 18 equal monthly payments. (By the end of 18 months, you could have it paid off!) That’s pretty sweet, considering it means you would be paying less than $40 a month for a SuperSac in a sweet RhinoPhur cover. A great 5 Series Movie Lounger in Butternut could be yours for less than $90 a month. Pretty sweet, huh?

Now that you know, be sure to ask us the next time you’re in the store. The card could help you leave with your dream purchase sooner than you’d think!

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