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Ready for 4th of July?

We hope you’re by this point in life, you blog readers are aware that the most important thing on the fourth is where your seats are for the fireworks. The grilling out and water fights are all fine and good and all, but you don’t want to make my middle school mistake: feasting and then driving out to nowheresville to find an old hill where our only other companion was a grass snake. (In the scramble to get away from a snake, we found our other recently deceased companion, half of a rabbit.)

The point is, make sure you stake out your spot early. To do that, make sure you’re so comfortable you don’t want to leave. Here are our steps to a perfect July 4th:

  1. Find the perfect spot early on. Those of you in Milwaukee, the lake front is great, but there are also some great hills nearby that make prime spots.
  2. Bring the perfect group of people. You’re going to be waiting for the big show for awhile: this means you need friends you can count on to entertain you as well as defend your spot if needed (have the little scrappy friends make food runs).
  3. Make sure your food and beverage options are covered! Whether its a cooler packed full of goodies or food runs (see 2), you need to be sure you have provisions. Otherwise you’ll soon be down and out when a family of 6 swipes your grade-a look out area.
  4. Bathroom breaks, anyone? Plan your spot so that it can be easily guarded while short trips are taken to the bathroom. Nothing is worse than being at the other end of a park from the second most important spot in the place – the lavatory.
  5. Stake your location with some radically comfortable furniture. Yes, folks, we mean LoveSacs. If you want the best spot – we mean best view, best comfort, overall best set up, you NEED to bring a LoveSac with you. To make things easier, we’re offering a free Sport Utility Cover with any purchase of a Movie or Super Sac!

Not familiar with the SUC? It’s a chocolate brown cover with straps and handles that will let you get the Sac down to half its size – making it an easy carry to wherever you stake your claim. And if you have a smaller size such as the MovieSac and live nearby, it’s also solid enough to roll to your chosen viewing grounds.

Stop in and Sac up – your firework viewing experience depends on it!


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