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The Adventures of Tom

Does anyone remember Tom, our mannequin friend that we rediscovered during spring cleaning? Well, as we said then, we had set him free to have his own adventures in the world for awhile. However, a few weeks later we found him wandering the Mayfair basement with a sad note scrawled across his chest:


We couldn’t resist his sad, puppy dog-esque charm, so we took him in and gave him an awesome bachelor pad in our store room where he can recuperate. He’s laying on an I Want Your Body Pillow, propped up by a Sactional Back Pillow, and fiercely guarded by Nooder. Truth be told, we’re a little jealous of his situation, but we’ve decided to let him rest as long as he needs before he sets out on his next adventure.

We’re not sure where he’ll go next – if you have any ideas for Tom’s next great adventure, let us know! And make sure you stop by the store to stock up on all the Other Comfy Stuff that will make your rest and relaxation time as great as Tom’s.

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