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The Spring Cleanse Continues… with a discovery!

We here at LoveSac Mayfair are at the very end of our spring cleaning, ensuring that the store is spotless and impeccably organized for our Super Awesome Super Spring Cleaning Clearance Sale. (Details about that will be on the blog tomorrow, and sale starts Tuesday!) As it so often happens with cleaning, we’ve come across a lot of really great things that we had forgotten about. Some bring back great memories, and some are just strange. One that is a perfect mix of both is this guy that we had to sadly send off to bigger and better things:

I know it seems strange now, but let me explain. Awhile back, our fearless leader Shawny D (founder and Chief Sac), had to have an emergency appendectomy in China. The duty of all us loyal Sac’rs stateside was of course to cheer him with funny videos, stories, and images – and boy oh boy did we get inventive with ours.

In the basement of Mayfair Mall (those of you have been in the basement will understand how this is possible) we found a manequin, sad and all alone. We took him upstairs and dressed him in a LoveSac dress shirt and some socks and decided that he rather resembled Tom Cruise from Risky Business. So that became his name, and for a whole night he was our companion in adventure. Sadly, after that (and after a few pranks on unsuspecting employees), Tom was left in his own corner of the back room once again. During our cleaning we uncovered Tom and realized he was once again in a sad, lonely, and broken state. The only just thing we could do was to send him away for awhile to put himself back together. Maybe he’ll make a reappearance soon, but in the meanwhile, we will dry our tears at seeing him leave and wish him the best of luck.

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Thanks for censoring Tom Cruise. We’re a bit prudish out here and Tom’s manliness might have been too much for us to take.

Comment by lovesacphoenix

I know, I know – we feel the same way here. Believe it or not, the black censor bar is not actually a photoshop, but the real life provisions we’ve given to Tom to protect his manliness.

Comment by Mayfair LoveSac

Sweet pic!!!

Comment by Casey

Glad you like it!!!

Comment by Mayfair LoveSac

i like this picture.
go lovesac. im a lovesac employee at flation crossing lovesac store.

Comment by WAYNE

[…] blanket, tom cruise Does anyone remember Tom, our mannequin friend that we rediscovered during spring cleaning? Well, as we said then, we had set him free to have his own adventures in the world for awhile. […]

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