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LoveSac’s are Diamonds – they’re forever!

Picture this: it’s a dark and stormy night. You, luckily, are tucked away safely inside, enjoying the little comforts of home. One of those little comforts being not so little – namely, your prized possession, your beloved SuperSac. You go to take a running leap on your precious Sacy and you are met with a loud RRRRIIIPPPP. Oh no! It looks like a seam has busted. Initially you are gripped with fear, a sheer terror driven by confusion of what could have happened to your favorite piece of media room furniture, and what you are going to do now.

Well, have no fear. LoveSacs, you see, are virtually forever. The Sacs themselves are guaranteed for two whole lifetimes – that means they will never go flat, bust a seam, split a zipper, anything that could send your comfortable life spinning into the depths of horror. We’ll replace them for you twice – two Sac lifetimes – and trust us, it’s pretty difficult to even need to get it replaced once. Scenarios like the one above are pretty once-in-a-blue-moon-esque. As far as your covers go, those are guaranteed for the same kinds of things (seam rips, zipper splits) for 90 days initially. So make sure you register online to extend the warranty to 3 years, free of charge! (Keep in mind that these are all manufacturer defects, aka our fault, so be careful of real horror movie scenarios in which knives might be involved that could kill your Sac forever.)

What’s that, you say? Your problem is with Sactionals, not Sacs? Well they, too, come with a stellar guarantee. All hard pieces (that’s the frame, box spring, shoes, side frame, feet, and clamps) are guaranteed for life. Have on snap on you? We can cover that. Did your box spring break? We got your back! Same as the Sacs, the hard bits come complete with two lifetimes of coverage. As for the covers and soft pieces, they’ll also be 3 years once you register online. But half no fear: everything in our Sactionals are overbuilt. There’s an anti-sag core in the middle of our Sactional cushions, and all back pillows are made with three chambers so they’ll never go flat.

Pretty awesome, huh?


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