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Mother’s Day is Coming!

May 9th is Mother’s Day – are you ready? If you’re not, let LoveSac help you out. We can speak from personal experience – our mothers love ’em – that our products are a hit with mom. The following are our top recommendations to keep Mom happy on Mothers Day:

PHUR FEET: Reflexologists tell us that feet have a direct connection to everything – that means that they are a straight line to your mothers heart. Our soft and fuzzy Phur Feet are sure to tickle hers and show her that you want her to be able to kick back and relax, too. Come check them out – they come in our Silver Mink and Black Crock Phur styles.

I WANT YOUR BODY PILLOW: Okay, okay, so maybe don’t tell your mom the whole name. But this pillow is probably the best she’ll ever have: it has a dream fiber core, a unique fiber that helps to circulate temperature so that in the summer months, cuddle time never means overheating. And with a soft down fluff over that, and the sweet washable microsuede cover it comes with, we see it as a hit with moms everywhere.

FOOTSAC BLANKET: Our FootSacs come in all of the colors of our Sacs and Sactionals, and are just as comfy, to boot. The best part? They have a sneaky pocket for your feet, so they’ll never get cold while you’re watching a movie. We think mom will approve!

SACTIONALS & COVERS: A whole set up is of course great for you over achievers (or middle children seeking lost attention), but we’ve found that moms appreciate a new set of covers just as much. We suggest some of the jazzy colors and patterns from custom order, but you of course can decide for yourself. (Check out the Antoinette’s – they’re awesome!)

Still confused on what to get your mother? Stop in the store and let our expert Sacr’s help you out! For those of you hunting for a deal, make sure you also stop in to see what we have left on sale… trust us, it’s pretty good!


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do you folks have a G2 “full sofa” set-up in stock, as for covers I like the chocolate rhino plush, saw it on the website but it is out of stock.
please let me know

Comment by Pete

Hi Pete,

We do have the pieces to make a full sofa in stock, and available to take home the same day. As for the Chocolate covers, those are on a little bit of a back order but we have some really amazing colors in stock and available. Stop by the store and check out our amazing cover line and see if there is another cover that is available, that you could possibly love as much as the Chocolate Rhino Phur! Stop by or give the store a call at 414-774-5683. We hope to see you soon!

Mayfair Lovesac

Comment by Mayfair LoveSac

i see, it is kinda chocolate rhino or bust any idea when the little bit of a backorder is going to be over?

Comment by Pete

Unfortunately, we’re looking at about a 10-11 week wait on Chocolate Rhino Phur… it was way way WAY more popular than anyone anticipated, and for good reason (it’s amazing). If you’d like to stop in the store or give us a call, we can set you up on either our ‘Just Curious’ list (we call you when it’s back in stock) or you can always do a prepaid backorder, take your pieces home today, and then you know for sure the covers are reserved for you when they come in and no one else can swoop down and buy them for a gigantic sactional set up and sell us out again. Feel free to stop by or give the store a call at (414) 774-5683!

Comment by Mayfair LoveSac

Was planning on heading in tonight to show off the cap and gown…but I gotta head down to Chicago and pick up some relatives for the ceremony, but I am going to come by Saturday night. Any word from HeadQuarters?

Comment by Josh

any update on the chocolate rhinoplush backorder? Just bought a huge sactional, will i have to wait till Xmas for the covers?

Comment by mary

No, you won’t have to wait until Christmas! We don’t have a ton of news yet, but we’re looking forward to a shipment in the near future. If you call (414.774.5683) or stop in, we can definitely help you out.

Comment by Mayfair LoveSac

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