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LoveSac’s Guide to Becoming Cool (And attracting all the cute babes)

The sun is beating down and the seasons are changing; soon fickle spring will become rockstar summer. It’s now the time of year when you need to become cool (both literally and metaphorically), and lucky for you, we’re here to help with our Guide to Becoming Cool (and attracting the cutest babes).

STEP ONE: You need to have a place of your own to be cool in. For maximum cool points, this is a place of your own; however, having some equally cool room mates is acceptable. We will also accept those of you who might still live at home but have domain over a room, basement, attic that can be cooled out to sustain your rockstar lifestyle. Unacceptable are those of you who are mooching and living on your friend’s lame hand-me-down-from-grandma couch. If that applies to you, please reassess your situation at once.

STEP TWO: Sac out your pad! You need at least one Sac, sized City or larger (and mega ultra points for the BigOne), and a decent Sactional set up. Let’s say, at least our 2 Base, 4 Side LoveSeat Sactional set up. Then you have enough for you and a few friends! Keep in mind that covers are always a good idea to keep your cool lasting longer: nothing says lame more than stained furniture. All our covers are machine washable!

STEP THREE: Get in ideal summer condition. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean we’re promoting six pack abs and bulging biceps. If you’re happy with your body, that’s pretty cool already. But if you’re not, feel free to do the work out all LoveSac staff practices: The Sac fluff/Sactional arrangement rally. It’s easier than it sounds: simply keep your Sac well fluffed (using full rotation fluffing) at ALL TIMES and make sure that you rearrange your Sactional daily. It may not seem like a lot, but trust us, it’s enough to get your blood pumping! And for those of you worried about getting a summer tan? Spare your skin and simply invest in a light cover. We recommend Eskimo Phur: unless you’re pale as a polar bear, it’s almost white color will make anyone look tan.

STEP FOUR: Become an excellent entertainer. This means having a great music selection with a little something for everyone- check out our summer playlist for ideas – and always having something to offer. This can be drinks, food, boardgames, or a cleverly organized dance off/four square competition. Personally, I like to provide food, seeing as how when I’m not slinging Sacs or at school, I’m in the kitchen. It’s important when cooking for guests that your food be unique, but still safe, and that almost everyone can eat it. As a vegetarian dating a carnivorous picky-eater, I can attest to this sometimes being a difficult task. For maximum cool, I recommend something like Fat Free Vegan Kitchen’s Peach Upside Down Cake. Not only is it delicious and easy, but we think the colors would really pop if eaten on a Taupe or Chocolate Rhino Phur cover.

STEP FIVE: Wait for the cute babes. Like the one pictured! Hey now – what kind of babes did you think we were talking about?


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[…] LoveSac’s Guide to Becoming Cool (And attracting all the cute babes) […]

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