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Moving Season is Upon Us

As everyone who lives in a heavily college-age populated city (or just a city where most people rent instead of own) April through August is Moving Season. People are changing room mates, moving to bigger spaces, smaller spaces, and newer spaces.  With all of this moving comes the treasure trove of abandoned furniture left outside of houses; some is left because it’s broken or quite simply junk, some is not needed anymore, and some, quite sadly, must be abandoned because it quite simply has no way to be transported from one residence to another.

Here at LoveSac, we want to make sure that you never have to abandon our furniture curb-side. Our Sactionals are quite potentially the most mover-friendly couches every invented, with each one breaking into just two units: bases and sides that make up everything. And when you break them up that small, they’re not even heavy! You can even fear not if your dream Sactional plan for one house is too big for your newest space; with our room planner tool you can practice moving around your pieces into a setup that is sure to work in your new living room. And if all else fails – there’s just that one extra piece you don’t know what to do with – they do store easily. Maybe you could even find a secondary use for it; we here at Mayfair imagine you could work an extra side or base frame into Design Sponge’s DIY Book-strap Side Table in lieu of a row of books. Or get extra creative and use a full base as bench-style dining room seating.

As for the Sacs, you’re asking? Well, as shown in this picture sent to us by a sister LoveSac store, Sacs stuff very easily. That, my friends, is a fully fluffed SuperSac shoved into a Nissan. If you’re not much of a stuffer, we also sell Sport Utility Covers (SUC’s for short) which are thick vinyl covers with straps and handles (perfect for taking Sacs outdoors!) that, when pulled and pushed on, will condense your most comfortable of furniture to a third of its size. For moves that aren’t just a few blocks a way and are really tight on available space, try a Ship Kit; with the help of Shop Vac, it will bring your Sac down to roughly half of its size. Should you be lucky enough to have a truck that can accommodate a Sac with no extra help, be sure to secure your load, lest you end up like this guy.

So there you have it, our two cents on the best way to move a Sac. Think you have a better way? Or a hilarious moving story? Better yet – a ridiculous picture? Or maybe you have a solution for what to do with a Sac or Sactional piece that you can’t use quite at the moment? Send us your best shot to either or leave it in a comment!

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