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Sit Sac, Hear Sac, See Sac

So you’ve already got your living room decked out with some sweet furniture to sit in; maybe your favorite SuperSac in a Silver Mink Phur Cover, perhaps a Sactional set up. Hopefully you have a SodaSac holder for your drinks and remotes, and we pray that you have a SpeakerSac to plug into your TV, iPod, or laptop. You’re already sitting Sac and hearing Sac, so what more could you ask for, right?

Well, now you can also see Sac with our awesome LoveSac Wall Art, straight from the stores and into your living room. Are you old and LoveSac? Then represent it on your wall! Young and LoveSac? Urbanite and LoveSac? A Rebel Millionaire and LoveSac? Don’t worry, we got you all covered. Check it out here and make your living room the talk of the town with all of your LoveSac themed art. Unfortunately they’re only available online, but be sure to stop into the store and bask in the glory of all that your home might one day be while checking out our great deals and new covers.  So what are you waiting for?! Go check it out!


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I predict that someone is going to set up their house just like one of our stores! You put the perfect picture in my head!

Comment by Casey

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