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Secrets to the Best LoveSac Black Friday – EVER.
November 12, 2009, 7:04 pm
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So, we all know its coming. People are starting to gather their money as the masses build in anticipation. No, it’s not a zombie invasion – it’s the annual Black Friday rush, taking over malls and outlet stores everywhere. What most people don’t realize is, Black Friday is actually one of the most dangerous days of the year to be a shopper. Don’t believe me? Watch the news as you digest your full belly of Thanksgiving left overs on said Friday! Lucky for you, LoveSac is here with everything you need to know to survive the day ahead – and make the most of it.


-Add your favorite store (LoveSac, duh) on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. Watch our blog. Those are the first places you will know about all of the amazing sales to come – INCLUDING some deals that might not be advertised in store!

-Monitor your fluid/carb intake. You need to stay hydrated, but not so much that you will be running to the bathroom every five minutes. That will loose you quality line spots! Likewise, you need to have eaten enough carbs (and have enough energy) to withstand the crowds without being bogged down by a distended belly.

-Make a list! Be aware of who you are shopping for and what they want. This will help you get straight to what you need, instead of being stopped by flashy ‘maybes.’


-Be sure to get there early. We recommend (but depending on the laws in your area, cannot fully condone) dressing in full ninja attire and waiting it out from the night before until mall open.

-Head to the stores with the best deal first (LoveSac, duh).

-Be sure to brush up on your riot skills! Don’t get trampled. Walking sticks recommended, as well as shields.


-Revel in your purchases!

-Partake of the rest of the Thanksgiving leftovers. You earned it!


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Awesome tips. Probably the best on the web.

Comment by Alyx

I love the character you bring to this blog Meg.. good stuff. Congrats on this week!! You definitely made the impossible appear seemingly possible and motivating. Don’t let up!!

– C String

Comment by C String

[…] year we gave you The Secrets to Ruling Black Friday. We brought you an amazing sale with a great turn out. And now Black Friday is right around the […]

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