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The Best Way to Stay Warm in Winter? GET PHURRY!
November 5, 2009, 10:53 am
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Coming soon to a LoveSac store near you – the rare and luxurious new Phurry covers! And they come in package deals…! Pick from either a Black Crock cover package in a SuperSac (with a ton of awesome accessories, including a SpeakerSac pillow!) or City Sac size, or come in and buy the amazing Silver Mink seperate


A Black Crock just after shedding its Phur.

ly for your already loved, in-need-of-an-update Sac.

Animal lovers, have no fear. Our new Phurry covers are 100% animal friendly. In fact, the reason why you’ve probably never heard of Black Crocks before is because they shed their Phurry exte

rior on a regular basis. That’s where our LoveSac Phur experts jump in to harvest it – leaving the Crock unharmed, and the Phur ready to be made into Phabulous Phurry Covers. The unfortunate part is that Black Crocks are not the most friendly of creatures – stop in quick while our Phur experts still have hands to make your covers with!


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