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October 29, 2009, 4:59 pm
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It started in 1995 with the first opening: Store X. From there it spread, two, three, four more, stretching across the global and affecting everyone in it’s path. Affecting them with comfort, that is.

Now, as we approach Halloween, the infection of amazing alternative furniture is about to spread to another mall to begin its infiltration of yet more homes. We’re happy to announce the oppening of our 28th store in the beautiful Christiana Mall in Newark, DE. The lucky folks in Delaware (or hardcore Sac fans that travel for openings!) will get to enjoy the big kick off with a 56% off sale, but be sure to be first in line! (That’s better than our staff discount, folks!)

For those of you that can’t make it to Delaware, have no fear. To commemorate our new store and amp up for Halloween, Mayfair LoveSac is having our own spooky sale. Incase you haven’t already guessed, a 28% off sale! But be careful, because only the first customer on Saturday will receive 28% off. The next one will receive 27%, then 26%, all the way down until there is nothing left to give. The sale starts on Saturday, so be sure to get yourself in and brave our spooktastic new decorations for discounts and of course, Halloween treats.

For those of you skeptical about venturing out before the ‘eve’ of ‘All-Hallows-Eve,’ keep this in mind: the 28% comes off your entire Sac purchase. What a great way to knock out some Christmas shopping – and still snag something nice for yourself, slightly more guilt free. Make sure you get in fast, because…



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Love it! 28 days later meets Lovesacs crazy sales!

Comment by Ezra

Best. Blog. Evar.

Comment by Kat

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